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Kähler Design - Hammershøi Tableware

The Hammershøi tableware from Kähler Design complements each other beautifully and is easy to combine. Together, the timeless tableware decorates the table for an elegant dinner evening or a Sunday brunch.

Elegant tableware with fluted pattern

Based on the designs of Svend Hammershøi designer Hans-Christian Bauer has created a timeless tableware series that - like the original - inspires with hand-cut groove details. In addition to their unique visual appeal, the grooves also have functional aspects, making it easier to hold cups and open storage jars.

The name giver Svend Hammershøi was known beyond the borders of Denmark as a painter and ceramist. Even today, many of his designs can be found in some of the world's most renowned museums.

Also the Hammershøi tableware also bears the distinctive hand-cut fluted pattern. The stylish and timeless Design, makes it suitable for a festive evening as well as a cosy Sunday brunch or coffee table. The individual items in the series complement each other wonderfully and can be easily combined with each other.