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The inspiring and original products by Koziol are created in the middle of Europe, in Erbach in the Odenwald Forest. Innovative ideas, exciting design, new raw materials and material effects, these are the sources of bestsellers.

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Koziol - Mixxx Set (Set of 3)  -54% Koziol - Mixxx Set (Set of 3) RRP €42.95 €19.95 *Koziol - Palsby Mixing Bowl -38% Koziol - Palsby Mixing Bowl from RRP €7.95 €4.95 *Koziol - Briq Stool -41% Koziol - Briq Stool from RRP €67.95 €39.95 *Koziol - Bottichelli Washtub L Koziol - Bottichelli Washtub L from €14.95 *Koziol - Bottichelli Washtub XL Koziol - Bottichelli Washtub XL from €19.95 *Koziol - Crystal Set, clear -45% Koziol - Crystal Set, clear RRP €27.35 €14.95 *Koziol - Boxxx M Storage Box Koziol - Boxxx M Storage Box from €9.95 *Koziol - Wine Rack Set Up Koziol - Wine Rack Set Up from €34.95 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo M Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo M from €11.95 *Koziol - Set of Crystal Bowls -54% Koziol - Set of Crystal Bowls RRP €32.45 €14.95 *Koziol - Boxxx S Storage Box Koziol - Boxxx S Storage Box from €4.95 *Koziol - Milano Magazine Rack Koziol - Milano Magazine Rack from €46.95 *Koziol - Boxxx L Storage Box Koziol - Boxxx L Storage Box from €14.95 *Koziol - Jim Recycle Bin Koziol - Jim Recycle Bin from €14.95 *Koziol - Rio Toilet Brush Set Koziol - Rio Toilet Brush Set from €19.95 *Koziol - Surf Bath Utensilo with Handle Koziol - Surf Bath Utensilo with Handle from €9.95 * 3 von 5Koziol - Rio Cutlery Tray Koziol - Rio Cutlery Tray from €7.95 *Koziol - Babell Tiered Tray XL Koziol - Babell Tiered Tray XL €42.95 *Koziol - Kant Spatula Koziol - Kant Spatula €9.95 *Koziol - Surf XL Bath Utensilo Koziol - Surf XL Bath Utensilo from €15.45 *Koziol - Palsby Bowl L Koziol - Palsby Bowl L €6.95 *Koziol - Sense Toilet Brush Koziol - Sense Toilet Brush from €19.95 *Koziol - Sense Soap Dish Koziol - Sense Soap Dish from €3.95 *Koziol - Sense Wall Hook Koziol - Sense Wall Hook from €6.95 *Koziol - Tommy Toothbrush Holder Koziol - Tommy Toothbrush Holder from €6.45 *Koziol - Eve bowl Koziol - Eve bowl from €19.95 *Koziol - Bag XL Koziol - Bag XL from €24.95 *Koziol - Pinball Wall Clock Koziol - Pinball Wall Clock €44.95 *Koziol - Kant Butter Dish Koziol - Kant Butter Dish €9.95 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo S Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo S from €8.95 *Koziol - Cleaner 45 mm Koziol - Cleaner 45 mm €0.35 *Koziol - Palsby Bowl M Koziol - Palsby Bowl M €4.95 *Koziol - Palsby Colander L Koziol - Palsby Colander L €6.95 *Koziol - Pottichelli M Koziol - Pottichelli M from €8.95 *Koziol - Ahoi Squeezer Koziol - Ahoi Squeezer from €7.95 *Koziol - Caddy Koziol - Caddy from €12.95 *

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Made in Germany

koziol has been inventing, creating and producing high-quality design products with unmistakable designs for the home since 1927. Made solely in Germany, in Erbach in the middle of the Odenwald Forest. Responsibly, in harmony with people and the environment, conserving resources and energy, following the highest quality and safety standards.

The unique design, which has won many international prizes is created by our factory design team in cooperation with renowned designers and universities from the whole of Europe. Legendary, long-living design icons such as the cup set Aroma by Matteo Thun and koziol or the bag by star architect Alessandro Mendini are created by a symbiosis of heart, high tech and craftsmanship. Many have been awarded with the most renowned international design prizes: in total over 50 times.

koziol only works with thermoplastic materials which are 100% recyclable and do not use any softeners. koziol only uses non-toxic pigments and only uses ingenious cardboard packaging with the “green dot”. All plastic waste from the production process is recycled You can hardly treat material more purely and consciously than we do at koziol.

Certified Quality
koziol has held the DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate for over ten years. A stringent Kaizen programme and concentration on an operative environmental policy make koziol an active pioneer of the whole industry. The whole process is seamlessly documented, koziol products have been given a “very good” evaluation by the “ÖKOTEST” (eco-test) magazine.

Make your world better and yourself happier
koziol invents and designs design objects for a more beautiful world. They inspire your imagination and simply make you happy. Everyone can afford the happiness from koziol designs and everyone can give it. And with a good conscience make the world a little bit better and happier.

The koziol happiness factory
How you can make employees, partners and customers happy is experienced by thousands in the transparent production in the koziol Brandland “Glücksfabrik” (Happiness Factory). You can see and understand here, how sustainable happiness is created with short paths, the best material and ethically sound manufacturing conditions. The interactive koziol museum invites you to join in, the Glücks-Kantine (Happiness canteen) inspires with regional specialities and the Design Shop has accessories for the kitchen, bath and home, decorative elements and of course small souvenirs. Everything which makes life more beautiful and happier.

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The company Koziol - Made in Germany  

The company Koziol - Made in Germany

Since 1927 Koziol invents, creates and produces high-quality design plastic products for life and flat. The company only produces in Germany, in Erbach, in the middle of Odenwald - responsible and in balance with humans and nature. Get to know more about Koziol, its method of production and its history.