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qed* Design

qed* Design

qed* questions daily things and thereby generates completely new concepts and products – products that go new paths regarding handling, materiality, technology and shaping, to make the everyday more inspiring, pleasant and exciting.

Muchael Neubauer explained the design philosophy “qed” in 2006, which supports the design work as well as the development and realization of the qued-products, and with it he set the base stone for the 2008 founded q.e.d. Design GmbH. Since then qed* didn’t only establish and market own projects and products in design-sectors, but also offers furthermore the Know-How by developing and realizing product solutions for the most different branches.

The qed*-Philosophy

The design philosophy of qued already is in the name q.e.d. stands for:

-*quite easily done – simplicity is deemed to be reachable, if with the least products as possible, the most is achieved. “ Te simple mustn’t be the best. But the best is always the most simple.” (Heinrich Tessenow)

  • *question every detail – Let behind the superficial observance and focus on details widely or more concrete, and see them as the essential.
  • *quod erat demonstrandum – The word-like translation out of Latin is „what was to be shown“ or more concrete „what had to be proven“. “For the possible to be created, the impossible has to be tried again and again.” (Hermann Hesse)