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Animal Design

Animal Design

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Pretty wild! Designers are often inspired by nature to take humour to ever newer levels. The results of their efforts are often wonderful and even astonish animal lovers.

A lot of houses are homes to dogs, cats and even mice on occasion. But reindeer, elephants and monkeys? Our animals designs bring birds, forest animals, jungle and even sea creatures into your home. Without any custom problems, because wild design is perfectly at home in a living room.

Some of our design animals can do things their real counterparts can’t: a dog that cleans shoes, a rabbit that lights up rooms and a pig that is a table. Others really just do as nature intended: such as the owl who is also a clock, but does more than just tell the time at night!

One thing unites them all: a great sense of humour, light-heartedness and originality delivered straight to your home. And there is no need to take them for a walk, feed them or clean up after them. Brilliant!

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