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Muuto - Fiber chairs

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The Fiber Chair Series by Muuto offers a wide range of chairs with different seat shells, bases and upholstery. Use this overview to find the right model for your home.

Tip: If you can't find your favourite, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you with any questions or requests.

  1. Seat shells: 3 shapes
  2. Fiber Side Chair undercarriage
  3. Fiber Armchair undercarriages
  4. Fiber Lounge Chair undercarriage
  5. Materials underframes
  6. Colours seat shells
  7. Fiber Chair upholstery
  8. Cover fabrics
  9. Muuto Fiber Stool Series
Muuto - Fiber Chairs in different variations

Fiber Side Chair | Fiber Armchair | Fiber Lounge Chair

1. Seat shells: 3 shapes

The Fiber Chair from Muuto is available with three different seat shells to suit every taste and need. The model Side Chair without armrests can be used well at the home workplace, while the Armchair version with armrests can be used for example at the dining table. The Fiber Lounge Chair is perfect for relaxing because of its wider and deeper seat.

Fiber chairs and their seat shells

Fiber Side Chair | Fiber Armchair | Fiber Lounge Chair

2. Fiber Side Chair underframes

The seat shells have different undercarriages that can be selected according to the location. With the Muuto Fiber Side Chair you can choose between seven types of base frames, including classic four-legged bases made of wood and metal as well as sled or star-shaped feet with or without castors.

Fiber Side Chairs and their bases

Fiber Side Chair Wood Base | Fiber Side Chair Tube Base | Fiber Side Chair A-Base | Fiber Side Chair Sled Base | Fiber Side Chair Swivel Base | Fiber Side Chair Swivel Base with Castors | Fiber Side Chair Swivel Base with Castors & Gas Lift

3. Fiber Armchair undercarriages

The Fiber Armchair is available with six different bases. You can also choose between wooden and metal frames as well as runners or star frames with or without castors.

Fiber Armchairs and their undercarriages

4. Fiber Lounge Chair bases

With the Fiber Lounge Chairs you can choose between two bases. The Lounge Chair is available with a four-legged metal or wooden frame.

Fiber Lounge Chairs and their bases

5. Materials Base frames

For the base frames of the Fiber Chair you can choose between wood and metal. The wooden frames are made of oak wood and are available in various finishes. The metal legs, on the other hand, are made of chrome-plated or powder-coated steel in various colours.

Fiber Chairs - Materials of the underframes

1. oak | 2. oak white | 3. oak grey | 4. oak dusty green | 5. oak black | 6. Chrome | 7. white | 8. grey | 9. dusty green | 10. black

6. Seat shell colours

The seat shells of the Fiber Chairs are available in five different colors and are made of 25 % wood fiber, 70 % polyproplene and 5 % dyed PP.

Fiber chairs and the colors of the seat shells

1. natural white | 2. grey | 3. black | 4. ochre | 5. dusty green

7. Upholstery Fiber Chair

All models of the Fiber Chair are available completely without upholstery as well as with full upholstery. The Fiber Armchair can also be chosen with front upholstery. A seat cushion to rest on is available separately for all unupholstered versions.

Fiber chairs and their upholstery

1. without upholstery | 2. Separately available seat upholstery to lay on | 3. Front upholstery | 4. fully upholstered

8. Upholstery fabrics

All upholstered Fiber Chairs can be ordered with textiles or leather types. You can choose between Kvadrat fabrics, Wooly fabrics and premium leather.

Fiber chairs and their upholstery fabrics

Remix | Steelcut | Steelcut Trio | Clara | Divina | Divina Melange | Divina MD | Hallingdal | Canvas

Muuto Leather Selection
Refine Leather | Easy Leather | Endure Leather | Faux Leather


9. Fibre stool

In addition to the Fiber Chairs, Muuto also offers a Fiber Stool series with various stools and bar stools. These are also available with different seat shells, upholstery and bases.

Tip: If your desired variant is not listed, please contact our customer service.

The production of the Muuto Chair in video

A look behind the scenes: More about the materials used and the special production of the Muuto Fiber Chair in Scandinavia here in the video.