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Muuto is a young Scandinavian company with the goal of reviving the golden era of Scandinavian design. They are working in collaboration with some of the best-known Nordic designers to create scandi lighting, furniture and accessories.

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Muuto dots the 'i' in design, striving to leave no idea unfinished and reinvigorate the world of Scandinavian furniture and home accessories. The name Muuto is from the Finnish word 'muutos', meaning rebuilding, change and new perspective. The word encapsulates the vision of this young company, which has set its sights on propelling Scandinavian design back to its position as the world's top design region.

Founders Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge are known for being ambitious, and they aim to establish themselves and their products in the best and most highly renowned design shops across the globe. They are accompanied in this journey by a selection of hand-picked designers, who create pendant lamps and scandi lighting designs such as the E27 lamp, cosy sofas and chairs that encapsulate the Scandinavian spirit, and numerous other Nordic furniture designs and accessories that are not only functional but also beautiful and steeped in tradition.

"We believe that the road to success for modern Scandinavian design lies in a strong belief in the best younger designers. We give the designers the freedom and inspiration to create new designs, and we see it as one of Muuto’s primary goals to be on the forefront in the development of the designers" - Peter Bonnén.

Muuto is evolving from its Scandinavian heritage and carrying it forward. Their designers all originate from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and they are given the freedom to put their own stamp on their designs, creating everyday objects such as lamps and chairs but making them extraordinary.

"This gives the Muuto designs great diversity and character, linking them with the Nordic heritage – a heritage Muuto is proud of and which all the designers carry with them as part of their professional luggage" - Kristian Byrge.

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