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Feel welcome – this is Schönbuch’s guiding principle. The company’s core competence lies in supplying functional solutions and furnishing concepts for the entrance area.

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Schönbuch - Sticks Coat Rack Schönbuch - Sticks Coat Rack €361.00 *Schönbuch - Flare Wall Hooks Schönbuch - Flare Wall Hooks from €76.00 *Schönbuch - Dots - Coloured Schönbuch - Dots - Coloured from €92.00 *Schönbuch - Clothes Hanger 0102 Schönbuch - Clothes Hanger 0102 €80.00 *Schönbuch - Shoe Box Schönbuch - Shoe Box from €15.90 *Schönbuch - Dots - Natural Wood Schönbuch - Dots - Natural Wood from €110.00 *Schönbuch - Coat Hooks for Dots Schönbuch - Coat Hooks for Dots €22.00 *Schönbuch - Umbrella Stand 0510 Schönbuch - Umbrella Stand 0510 from €237.00 *Schönbuch - Rack Console Table Schönbuch - Rack Console Table from €401.00 *Schönbuch - Loafer Shoe Horn Schönbuch - Loafer Shoe Horn €98.00 *Schönbuch - Cut Wall Hooks Schönbuch - Cut Wall Hooks from €40.00 *Schönbuch - 0117 Coat Hanger Schönbuch - 0117 Coat Hanger from €23.50 *Schönbuch - Hesperide Letter Sorter Schönbuch - Hesperide Letter Sorter €144.00 *Schönbuch - Sled Coat Rack Schönbuch - Sled Coat Rack from €353.00 *Schönbuch - Tray Schönbuch - Tray from €167.00 *Schönbuch - Shelf and Shoe Rack for Urban Schönbuch - Shelf and Shoe Rack for Urban from €36.00 *Schönbuch - Line wall-mounted coat stand Schönbuch - Line wall-mounted coat stand from €306.00 *Schönbuch - Dice Tray Schönbuch - Dice Tray from €152.00 *Schönbuch - Swing Coat Hooks Schönbuch - Swing Coat Hooks from €55.00 *Schönbuch - 0112 Clothes Hanger Schönbuch - 0112 Clothes Hanger from €160.00 *Schönbuch - Add On Bench Schönbuch - Add On Bench €442.00 *Schönbuch - Nini Stool & Side Table Schönbuch - Nini Stool & Side Table from €304.00 *Schönbuch - Club Mirror Coat Rack Schönbuch - Club Mirror Coat Rack from €876.00 *Schönbuch - Angle Umbrella Stand Schönbuch - Angle Umbrella Stand €332.00 *Schönbuch - 0514 Umbrella Stand Schönbuch - 0514 Umbrella Stand from €361.00 *Schönbuch - Drip Shoe Rack Schönbuch - Drip Shoe Rack from €263.00 *Schönbuch - Blossom Vase Set Schönbuch - Blossom Vase Set €144.00 *Schönbuch - Jar Glass Bowl Schönbuch - Jar Glass Bowl from €55.00 *Schönbuch - Treasure Box Schönbuch - Treasure Box from €268.00 *Schönbuch - Sketch Magazine Rack Schönbuch - Sketch Magazine Rack €277.00 *Schönbuch - Urban Mirror Schönbuch - Urban Mirror from €239.00 *Schönbuch - Urban Shoe Cabinet / Bench Schönbuch - Urban Shoe Cabinet / Bench €723.00 *Schönbuch - Urban Cabinet 80 cm Schönbuch - Urban Cabinet 80 cm from €822.00 *Schönbuch - Urban Dresser 120 cm Schönbuch - Urban Dresser 120 cm from €1,035.00 *Schönbuch - X & Y Hooks Schönbuch - X & Y Hooks from €76.00 *Schönbuch - Match Table T2 Schönbuch - Match Table T2 from €618.00 *

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Feel welcome – this is Schönbuch’s guiding principle. The company’s core competence is in supplying functional solutions and furnishing concepts for the entrance area in one’s own four walls. Loft apartments in big cities, detached houses in rural areas, or contract furnishing with specific utilisation requirements – Schönbuch has the ideal solution: hall and lobby systems, wardrobes, creative storage space design, individual items of exceptional character, and accessories for living.

Every Schönbuch product satisfies the most stringent design, material, and workmanship standards. Function is always the creative stimulus – the brand’s classics reveal this just as much as its eye-catching innovations.

The company Schönbuch has been around since the 1960s. Since then, the brand has made a name for itself as a furniture specialist in the entrance area. Michael Reß took over running the company in 2005, having already been a long-term production partner as owner of Ress furniture manufacturing in Bad Königshofen.

Since taking over, Michael Reß has continued to change Schönbuch’s collection together with Carolin Sangha and has targeted the international market. In addition to designers that had already been active at Schönbuch, there are now new, international designers that also influence the future-oriented collection at Schönbuch. Michael Reß and Carolin Sangha try to find the right designers for market potential every year. With their work, the classics and clients at Schönbuch are complimented and new programmes and innovative concepts are developed. The products impress with their well-dosed, intense colour eye-catchers in combination with a puristic focus on the object as such.

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