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Hay baskets

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The baskets of the Danish manufacturer Hay are practical, colorful and above all functional baskets for the perfect order at home. Hay manages to implement the style of the 50s and 60s in a contemporary and modern way, so that there is a suitable basket for every household. In addition, they are characterized by their environmentally conscious materials and flexible uses.

What you should definitely know about Hay baskets:

1. What kind of baskets are available from Hay?
2. What is special about Hay baskets?
3. Conclusion
4. FAQ

1. What kind of baskets are available from Hay?

Hay offers a variety of baskets in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. The classic is undoubtedly the Hay Colour Crate basket, made of recycled polypropylene.

Colour Crate Basket S recycled by Hay in color dusty rose

It comes in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. Be it a pastel small basket or a colorful, gaudy large basket, here is something for every use. You can store and keep all kinds of things in the baskets, from fruit to add magazines or clothing.
Hay has many more baskets in the range, such as the Bead storage baskets made of felt. With these baskets you create his home a real eye-catcher.

Bead storage basket with handles, Ø 40 x H 27 cm, blue dash by Hay.

2. What is special about Hay baskets?

The special thing about Hay baskets is that they are available in every possible color. Whether bright or pale colors, everyone can find the right basket for their home. The Colour Crate baskets are also made of 100% environmentally conscious and sustainable material, recycled polypropylene. In addition, the baskets are versatile due to their stackable and foldable function. The baskets come in different sizes so that the right basket can be used for any purpose and provide a great storage option. The baskets are also ventilated designet, so they can also be used in the kitchen for fruit and food.

Colour Crate Hay basket

They are a real eye-catcher especially when you combine the different colors and stack the boxes.
Thanks to the two handles, the baskets are perfect for storing, keeping and transporting various things and thus prove to be a real all-round talent.

3. Conclusion

Hay has created a great alternative to other normal baskets with its storage baskets. They are environmentally conscious, colorful and exude a stylish character, so they should not be missing in any household.

Colour Crate Hay basket

4. FAQ

What can I use the Hay baskets for?

The baskets can serve many purposes, be it for storing food in the kitchen, for storing clothes or books. Due to their handy shape, they fit well in any room.

Are the Hay Colour Crate baskets stackable?

Yes, they are stackable and therefore very practical and flexible to use.

Are the baskets also suitable for the children's room?

Yes, due to their colorful design you can ideally store your children's toys and give the children's room a great character.