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Vitra - ID Chair Concept

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A universe of Identities
A swivelling office chair that is individually coordinated to single users, teams or situations according to its function and aesthetics, decidedly influencing productivity, health and comfort at the working place.

An office chair model alone is usually not enough to fulfil demands from wide and sometimes difficult to combine, contemporaneous office surroundings. ID Chair Concept allows companies to consider needs of single users groups but still staying faithful to the same concept.

Individuality and Identity
The platform strategy from the ID Chair Concept allows the company to reguard the needs of user groups with “different” ID Chairs, but simultaneously keeping the Corporate Identity. Individuality becomes possible. Every company can choose the models that accord to their prize, aesthetics and ergonomics expectations and possibilities. At the same time and in spite of the numerous possibilities of individual characteristics, ID offers identity to the office and with it to the company. Also chairs that show aesthetics but still differing according to individual demands, can be composed out of the kit for single teams, areas or companies.

ID Chair Concept bets on two colour-worlds for the constructive components: a bright version in “soft grey” and a classic version in black. Regarding the upholstery, the technical intervals are available in a monochromatic range of bright and dark shades, while the classic woven tissues are offered in a wide selection of partly intense colours.

Individuality and function
The swivelling office chair family consists of many components with which the most different aesthetics, material, usage and prize demands are fulfilled. Points of departure that define the suitable ID Chair are the following models:

  • ID Mesh with upholstered mesh back
  • ID Soft with classic cushion back
  • ID Trim with elegant fabric back
  • ID Trim L with high fabrick back
    Based on this models, more than 8000 different ID Chairs can be configured through the combination of 4 mechanisms, 3 armrests, 3 underframes and 2 frame colours.
    ID Chair Modelle

Individuality and health
Dynamic seating means to sit comfortably and healthy at the same time. A new, patented chair mechanism also allows a synchronic forwards movement with weight adjustment besides the adjustable backwards movement for the first time. This supports dynamic seating over the whole moving procedure. Thereby the mechanism follows the natural movements of human bodies being in a continuous contact with the back.

The harmonic mechanism movements encourage the user to sit for a long time on a dynamic way. The counter-pressure of the backrest and the forwards inclining can be adjusted – or balanced, so as to adopt every seating position between maximally laid back in a lounge position and forwards in an upright position without any efforts.

Advantages of dynamic seating:
• It supplies oxygen to the lungs,
• encourages circulation and helps interior organs,
• stimulates circulation,
• ensures a healthy spinal column through the care of the intervertebral discs.

Usage of dynamic seating:
• The intervertebral disc’s function remains preserved.
• The muscle strength remains preserved.
• It improves concentration an
• helps reducing interior tensions and stress.

What does dynamic seating mean for the ID Chair?
• Dynamic seating over the whole movement procedure.
• It animates the user of continuous dynamic seating.
• It also allows short-time seating without backrest contact.

ID Chair Bewegungssitzen

Individuality and sustainability
The ID Chair Concept offers a new approach out of economic and ecologic perspectives. Companies can fulfil the most different employees’ seating demands, without having to try numerous chair types at the same time. The ID Chair Concept allows an exactly to demands adapted configuration of prize and performance already at its acquisition and convinces over the usage duration with furthermore maintainability and sustainability.

The ID Chair Concept is characterizes through high service friendliness. As all ID Chairs share the same technical base, maintenance and service can be processed on an easy way. All wear parts of the chair are easily exchangeable, backrests and seats of the ID Chairs can be detached without special tools and the loose upholsteries are easily removable.

ID Chair with aluminium foot and ring-armrest consists of up to 48% of recycled materials depending on the model, and it is recyclable by up to 97% at the end of the products-life circle.

ID Chair carries the Environment-Awards “Blue Angel for low-emission upholstered furniture” and GREENGUARD Certificate.

The Blue Angel is one of the oldest and strictest environment labels since 1978. The category “Blue Angel for low-emission upholstered furniture” refers to environmental friendly manufacturing of upholstered furniture – especially with the usage of emission-low textiles, leather, upholstery materials and thereby also, according to health in living and working surroundings, non-harmful fabrics. The GREENGUARD Indor Air Quality Certified Label was brought to the market in the year 2001 featuring products that encourage a good interior room air quality, thereby improving health and life quality. GREENGUARD products reach a higher score in LEED-certificate projects and are therefore higher subsidized by the state.

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