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Vitra furniture has included designs by Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson since 1957. Due to this long history and years of cooperation with progressive designers, a wide branching furniture collection has developed.

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Vitra uses the power of design to permanently improve the quality of furniture in homes, offices and public places.

Vitra furniture has included designs by Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson since 1957. Due to this long history and years of cooperation with progressive designers, a wide branching furniture collection has developed with furniture for the office, home, and public spaces. These three areas constitute the course of the Vitra brand.

Whether the Home Collection, Office Collection, or Public Collection – there is Vitra furniture for every room: perfectly adaptable for different purposes.

Vitra Design:

Home Collection The Home Collection includes the most famous Vitra furniture: the undisputed design classics. Furniture by great designers such as Charles & Ray Eames, Verner Panton, or George Nelson are well-known by design enthusiasts. Many of these furniture designs have been produced by Vitra for decades. The - both optical and qualitative - durability of this furniture has been an important factor in affecting Vitra’s reputation. Some examples are the Panton Chair or the Eames Lounge Chair which are both considered legendary today. Vitra however doesn’t rest on the laurels of its past: Even modern designers work on furniture for the home collection at the Swiss manufacturer.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Konstantin Grcic, and Alfredo Häberli are only some famous names with which traditional Vitra cares to cooperate with.

Office Collection:

Vitra Furniture for the Office In Vitra’s Office Collection, the focus clearly lies on modern and functional office furnishings. The manufacturer uses modern technological achievements in order to create the perfect products for the modern, every-day office. The “productive office” is the aim of this philosophy: the working space should work for people, instead of people only using it.

Of course, famous designers can be found here as well: Well-known, for example, is Alberto Meda whose ergonomic office chairs can be found worldwide.

Public Collection: Vitra Design integrates communication and retreat

The connection of communicative rooms and relax possibilities is considered a perfect combination for privacy and wellbeing today. The continuous networking and the exchange with others is possible (“Net”) with this approach, while the demand of private rooms for concentration and regeneration (“Nest”) always remains in focus. Regardless which of these areas one considers:

Even at the beginning of the design process, an approach is used to ensure a perfect fit regarding the various areas.

Engineers and designers work together in the creation process of a product, in order to keep quality, aesthetics, and functionality continuously on the highest level, helping the furniture manufacturer to keep its excellent reputation.

The Vitra Cosmos
Due to this interdisciplinary approach, today, much more belongs to Vitra Cosmos than just manufacturing furniture:

Vitra also stands for the Vitra Design Museum, for a collection of modern furniture and their archives, for workshop and publications on design and for an architecture understanding, which includes constructions by Frank Gehry, Nicholas Grimshaw, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Alvaro Siza, Herzog & de Meuron, and SANAA in the main headquarters in Birsfelden (Switzerland) and at the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein (Germany). Even accessories, sculptures, and objects for children are produced by Vitra. All of these different areas have significantly contributed to the Vitra’s success over the decades. The success story of this family company was made possible due to consequent combining of good design with high quality. Regardless of what raw materials a Vitra product is made out of, one can be sure that material and finished quality are among the best on the market. This also includes sustainability: For Vita, since its founding in 1950, it is obvious that production, use, and disposal of furniture should not cause damage. The durability of its products is of top priority, characterised by Charley & Ray Eames: Both materials and design at Vitra are focussed on surviving decades.

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