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Since 1957 Vitra has been manufacturing the furniture of Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson. On this foundation, a wide range of furniture has developed over the years in collaboration with progressive designers.

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When a product from Vitra comes to your home, it has already had a long history.

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Vitra - design furniture that writes history

Vitra uses the power of good design to improve the quality of living spaces, offices and public facilities in the long term.

Since 1957 Vitra has been manufacturing the furniture of Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson. On this foundation, a wide range of furniture for the office, home and public spaces has developed over the years in collaboration with progressive designers. These three areas form the core of the Vitra brand.

Whether Home Collection , Office Collection or Public Collection - Vitra offers furniture for each of these rooms, which is ideally tailored to the respective purpose.

Vitra Design: Home Collection

The Home Collection includes the most famous Vitra furniture: the undisputed design classics. Furniture by great names such as Charles & Ray Eames , Verner Panton or George Nelson are well known to all design lovers. Vitra has produced many of these pieces of furniture since their introduction many decades ago. The durability of these pieces of furniture - both in terms of appearance and quality - has contributed significantly to Vitra's excellent reputation. Examples include Vitra chairs such as the Panton Chair or the Eames Lounge Chair , which today enjoy legendary status.

However, Vitra is not resting on its laurels from the past: Modern designers also create furniture for the Swiss manufacturer's Home Collection: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec , Konstantin Grcic and Alfredo Häberli are just a few of the well-known names with whom the traditional manufacturer maintains a collaboration.

Office Collection: Vitra furniture for the office

In Vitras Office Collection the focus is clearly on modern and functional office furnishings. To this end, the manufacturer uses modern technological achievements to create perfect products for the modern office environment. The "productive office" is the goal of this philosophy: the workspace should be designed to serve people, rather than just to be used. Of course, famous designers also come together here: Alberto Meda , for example, whose ergonomic office chairs can be found all over the world today.

Vitra MedaSlim Chair

Public Collection: Vitra Design integrates communication and retreat

Vitra also produces customised solutions for public spaces. "Net 'n' Nest" is the name of Vitra's current philosophy, which is based on scientific knowledge. Today, the combination of communicative spaces and retreats is regarded as the optimal combination for productivity and well-being. With this approach, networking and exchange with others is always possible ("Net 'n' Nest"), while the need for retreat spaces for concentration and regeneration ("Nest") always remains in focus.

No matter which of these areas you look at: Right at the beginning of the design process, there is an approach that makes perfect tailoring to different areas possible. Engineers and designers work together throughout the entire product creation process to maintain the high level of quality, aesthetics and functionality that has helped the furniture manufacturer achieve its excellent reputation.

The Vitra cosmos

Thanks to this interdisciplinary approach, much more is still part of the Vitra cosmos today than just furniture production: Vitra also stands for the Vitra Design Museum , for a collection of modern furniture and its archives, for workshops and publications on the subject of design, and for an architectural concept that brings together buildings by Frank Gehry, Nicholas Grimshaw, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Alvaro Siza, Herzog & de Meuron (VitraHaus) and SANAA at the Vitra headquarters in Birsfelden (Switzerland) and on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein (Germany).

VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein

Particularly worth seeing is the VitraHaus , which is the home of the Vitra Home Collection. Vitra also produces accessories, sculptures and objects for children.

The recipe for success: good design and uncompromisingly high quality

Over the decades, all these different areas have contributed significantly to the success of Vitra. However, the success story of the family business was only made possible by the consistent combination of good design with high quality. No matter what raw materials a Vitra product is made of - you can be sure that material and manufacturing quality are among the best on the market.

This also includes sustainability: Since its foundation in 1950, it has been a matter of course for Vitra that the production, use and disposal of a piece of furniture should not cause any damage. The longevity of the products is the highest premise, which was coined by Charles & Ray Eames at the time: Both material and design at Vitra are always designed to last for decades.

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