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Vitra – Soft Modular

Vitra – Soft Modular Collection

Sofa Collection Jasper Morrison

The Soft Modular Collection is a sofa collection designed by Jasper Morrison, which is characterised by carefully chosen proportions, high level of comfort and the renunciation of decorative details. The designs are the interpretation of a type of sofa which has already become a modern classic by now: the ground-level, horizontally-pronounced, modular sofa.

With high precision in the design and clarity in the expression, Morrison realises his design philosophy skillfully. Therefore, the single products of the Soft Modular Collection become architectural elements which can be integrated into any room.

Thanks to its modular structure with the side, corner and middle elements as well as the chaise longue, size and shape of the Soft Modular Sofas can be chosen, according to different requirements. With the ottoman and the extra pillows, as well as the selection of leather and fabric in a variety of colours, each desired configuration can even be further customised.