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Baleri Italia

Baleri Italia

The design heritage of Baleri and the force and creative experience of Cerruti have joined into a truly unique and authentic company: cerruti baleri.

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Baleri Italia – the trend label from Italy

In 1984 Enrico Baleri founded Baleri Italia (once Cerruti Baleri) together with Marilisa Baleri, a company manufacturing quality furniture with a high design content based in Albano S. Alessandro (Bergamo/ Italy).

While collaborating with successful designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Angelo Mangiarotti and Denis Santachiara among others, Baleri Italia has launched many new talents such as a young Philippe Starck, Hannes Wettstein and Luigi Baroli.

The resulting pieces are innovative, functional and elegant but also playful and surprising, sophisticated but never burdened by an excessive intellectualism; in short they are the perfect embodiment of a certaine joie de vivre.

Seat Tato – the most successful product

One of the maybe most successful products of the company is the "seat egg" out of the humorous - by Denis Santachiara designed - Tato Series.
But also with prestigious furnishing elements, such as the interior furnishing of private rooms of the Elysée Palace that emerged in cooperation with Philippe Starck, or the Caprichair by Hannes Wettstein for theFinnish parliament in Helsinki made the company famous all around the world.

In 2004 Nino Cerruti became a majority share-holder of Baleri Italia with the objective of developing a new industrial project that could also benefit from his long and successful experience in the textile and fashion businesses while remaining true to its design mission.
In a short time this process developed into the complete acquisition of Baleri Italia, the creation of a new managing group, a new art director and a renewed internal team.

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