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Ricarda von 23qm StilName: Ricarda
Age: 39
Profession: Netzpert and Blogger

Online since
May 2010


Connox questions Ricarda about 23qm Stil:

What characterizes your blog? What are your themes and where are the specialties?
I write about furnishing, design, style and rooms, about special shops and pretty things, also about travels, Cologne and about myself and my house sometimes. The Blog is a collection of pretty things, pictures and ideas, that make the own square meters prettier and this is what I want to share with others.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to call with it?
My blog is directed to all of those that cannot pass by a pretty shop without looking inside, those that love furnishing magazines, that are interested in design, pretty things and great places and for those that believe that home is the most important place of the world.

There are uncountable novelties of designers, brands, new products etc. daily. How and with which criteria do you choose the topics for your Blog regarding the wide pool of information?
I don’t plan my posts before, but let myself be inspired by every new day. Sometimes I read a magazine in the morning at the breakfast and find something that catches my attention. Or I am on the road and bring images and new inspirations with me. What I do at the moment or what interests me or what I live is what I write about.

What are your sources for new topics? Do you search for yourself, or do people contact you?
I read many things about other blogs, look around in Etsy of Dwanda, watch into living room magazines and go to furniture expositions. Mostly I search after new themes by myself, now I also get press mails of personal demands.

You already said you read design blogs. What Blogs do you think are especially succeeded regarding content and appeal?
I read decor8, Ohhh Mhhh, emmas designblog, sanvie.de, sodapop design and many many others and each one of these blogs is special by ist appearance and themes.

Is the 23qm Stil your hobby or do you even operate it as your main job?
The blog was my hobby initially, but now it is more than that. I heard a good phrase about it not long ago: “Online is the place to be” and that refers to me by 100%. Blogging is my passion. Moreover I work as Social Media Manager.

If you found an interesting topic you will have to process it, write an article and include pictures. How much time do you approximately invest in your Blog a day? Do you limit yourself according to the attitude: “not more than X posts a day”?
I post three to four times in a week. There really is a lot of work behind one post. It starts with the research, then comes the work with pictures and the text. Also the contact to other bloggers is naturally important and makes the whole thing more exciting and interesting. The exchange with readers is very important to me. A few hours a day make all this up.

What fascinates you about living design and design generally?
It is simply my passion. People have different interests, I love pretty furniture, lamps and accessories and great houses, special restaurants and hotels.

If one deals as much with design as you do, surely there are developing sympathies. Is there a design brand that you especially like and can you explain why?
Vitra I really like as design brand. Regarding accessories I am a big fan of Iittala, Muuto, Marimekko and Ferm Living. Means I have no fable for Scandinavian design.

Have you got a favorite designer? What do you like about him / her, or his / her designs?
I like Charles und Ray Eames. I am delighted by the timelessness of their designs. One day I will buy an Eames Lounge Chair in the White Version.

What products delighted you lately or remained as a lasting impression?
Currently, my absolute favourite products come from Hay. About a Chair is a great chair and is going to move to my place soon.

Since you blog a lot about furnishing, one could say that you care about your own furnishing?! Please give us a small glimpse: What products are in your home and what convinces you as private person and not as blogger at a product?
Home is the most important place in the world for me. Since I have a large family it is important to feel good for everyone. My furnishing has to be coherent and to mirror the personality of the people that live with it. I have a few chairs from Vitra, many accessories from Iittala, in my living room there is a Slim Sophie and in the corridor hangs a Norm69. I cook my coffee with a Nespresso machine and keep my tea warm in a Stelton flask. My son has the Pile Bed by Rolf Heide. The whole thing is rounded off with some Ikea classics such as the Bully-Shelf and the Maskros-Lamp in the girl’s room.