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Jules und Jen von flatmaidsName:
Jen (26, Editor) and Jules (25, Editor)

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March 2011


Connox interviewed Jules and Jen from flatmaids:
Tell us something about flatmaids: What are your themes and where do you see specialties?

Our blog is young, personal and very unique, since there is nothing comparable: It was part of our final project at the journalists’ school, by the Hollyhome magazine, and despite of the questionable future of the magazine, and our school-time has ended, flatmaids is going to live on. We write about everything that is related to the theme living and lifestyle.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach with flatmaids?

We want to reach young people that are willing to furnish their Ikea-home a bit more individual.

There are uncountable novelties of designers, brands, new products etc. every day. How and according to what criteria do you chose themes for your blog out of that enormous pool of information?

Everything that is liked, is allowed.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you search them by yourself or do people contact you?

On one side, we always search for news oft he living and lifestyle world. No matter if we find them on the World Wide Web, in the real world or with the help of friends. Then there are pre-determined categories, such as the Blogwatch ad the favorite piece of the week – these don’t depend on news. .

You have just named the Blogwatch category – do you read other blogs about design? What blogs do you find especially good regarding appearance and content?

Yes, we do – look at our weekly Blogwatch and the Blogroll.

If you find an interesting theme, you will have to work with it, write an article and fulfill it with images. How much time do you invest every day in your Blog?

If you find an interesting theme, you will have to work with it, write an article and fulfill it with images. How much time do you invest every day in your Blog?

We had the aim of posting something every day, however that was not achievable since we are editors, because most of the themes are really costly. But there is no specified time limitation.

What fascinates you at living design?

Everybody lives. Living is a piece of personality and we are fascinated about how people express that by their furnishing.

If one invests as much time in design as you both do, there are surely sympathies. Are there design-brands that you especially like and can you explain why?

Jules: There isn’t a special design brand for me since I work with fashion. If I like something, the label doesn’t matter.
Jen: If design, function and prize are right, the label doesn’t matter at all.

Do you have a favourinte designer?

Jules: Nope. But I was really impressed by Raphael Charles on the Milan furniture fair. I also interviewed him a little.
Jen: Nein, not a particular one.

What products delighted you lately?

Multifunctional and space-saving accessories and furniture are a theme again and again – since our readers use to have small apartments.

What convinces you at a product as private people and not as bloggers?

Jules: I am convinced by a product, when it is different. It mustn’t be extremely stylish, but it has to have the special something. A detail that delights me.
Jen: I like to buy huge furniture in classic designs and give my personal style to it by changing small things.