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Kertin von sanvie designbüroName: Kerstin
Age: 29
Multimedia designer

Online since
Summer 2008


Connox questions Kerstin from sanvie:

What awaits the readers from sanvie? What are the themes and where do you see specialties?

My Blog has its special focus on the themes living & furnishing. For example, I show the “Sunday glimpse through the key hole” on Sundays, offering my readers insight into beautiful living areas. But I also do a lot by myself and show things that emerged in my small design office. Additionally I display examples for special places/hotels/restaurants/cafes and of course Shops with living accessories. The topic “marriages” is also very important to me.

Who is your Blog directed to? Whose attention do you want to catch?

Initially I begun with the Blog to collect all the pretty things that I found in the World Wide Web. And it took a little while until readers found my Blog. Meanwhile, I don’t write my Blog only for me, but also for all of those nice people that are interested in pretty things, just as I am.

There are many new themes and novelties about design and furnishing every day, constantly new shops and products and inspiring people. Ho wand according to what criteria do you choose the themes for your Blog out of this large pool of information?

I mainly choose things that I personally like. It shouldn’t be too extravagant or too stylish. I like things that look as if one really has them at home in use. Also furnishings I show should spread life and comfort.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you search for yourself, or do people even contact you with their ideas?

I always have my eyes wide opened and mainly search after themes by myself. Whether in living magazines, other Blogs, my favorite platform Pinterest or a trip that inspires – one can say, there are ideas for new themes hidden everywhere.

You just suggested that you also read other Blogs. Which Blogs are your personal favorites?

Yes, I read, or “watch” many other Blogs. I especially like Scandinavian Blogs, in general I am a big fan of Scandinavian design. But there also are many fascinating Blogs in Germany, Blogs I nearly visit every day, hoping for something new to be discovered, for example the 23qm Stil, sodapop, liebesbotschaft Blogs, and of course, when it is about marriages, I search in Fräulein K sagt Ja (Miss K says yes).

Is the sanvie-Blog a Hobby of yours or do you even manage it as your main job? If not, how do you integrate the Blogging into your everyday?

The Blog is my Hobby and I have to admit that I work it too briefly sometimes in my daily stress. I am multimedia designer and my Blog as well as the research therefore also bring new ideas for my job.

How many time do you invest in your Blog every day? Do you limit yourself according to the motto: „Not more than X Posts a day“?

No, I don’t really limit my posts. There are days when Ideas bubble, and days when I think I should write about a discovery I made, but somehow there are no ideas to package it as it deserves. Usually there is no time in the week; the weekend is my time to Blog.

What fascinates you at living design, furniture and design in general?

I fear I inherited it. My mother used to place particular emphasis on the beauty of living rooms and also my birthday presents were all packed in the same colours and adapted to each other.

If one concentrates as much on designers as you do, surely there are sympathies evoked. Is there a brand or a style that you do especially like?

I like the Scandinavian style, the white, clear one. But in general terms, it depends on my mood, I usually find red awful, but I believe that Christmas decoration has to be red. I would therefore say, I haven’t a particular style, everything has to have personality and one has to be able to fully identify with it and I can do this with the clear cubic Bauhaus style as well as with the playful country-house style.

Since you blog a lot about furnishing styles, one could think that you also focus on you private furnishing?! Please offer us a small glimpse: What products are in your place and what convinces you about a product as a private citizen and not as a blogger?

At home, I would love to have all the products I discover. But fortunately our house is not big enough, so that the purse is not over-stretched. But if a product is not only beautiful, but also functional and even useful, it may happen that a request is directly sent.