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Hassen Ben ChtiouiName: Hassen Ben Chtioui

Profession: Architecture student, graph and web designer

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Connox interviewed Artisan:

What characterizes your blog? What are your themes and specialties?

Our online magazine is the connection to creative of fashion, design and architecture. We do continuously contact the “makers”, in galleries, at expositions, in show rooms or simply with a bier in the pub or elsewhere. Moreover I see the unavoidable cooperation in fashion, design and architecture. These are the common themes we try to mediate.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach with it?

Our blog should serve as inspiration source for creative, as well as instrument for those that like to present their objects, products, architecture or fashion in the world. Artisan is made for all of those that are delighted by aesthetics.

There are uncountable novelties by designers, brands, new products, etc. How and according to which criteria do you select themes for your blog out of this grand pool of information?

We always try to keep the right mix of industrial, common and abstract things, of artistic works in balance. Of course there are often decisions made according to our personal taste.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you often search for them or do people contact you?

This is very versatile! As I said, we like to contact creative and learn more about their objects, but it also happens that people write us. We are very happy about that! Moreover international fairs or galleries ensure a lot of input.

Do you read some other blogs about design? What blogs do you find especially succeeded regarding their appearance and content?

I concentrate on Artisan, but I sometimes also look for the work of my blog colleagues. I like the189, ignant or stilsucht for example.

Is the blog a hobby of yours or do you even run it professionally? If not: do you regularly contact the design universe in your job and how do you connect both things?

My blog is also the expression of my passion for design in general terms, as well as it is an expression of my knowledge from the architecture career at the TU Munich. The knowledge I get during my studies I used for Artisan and vice versa.

If you found an interesting theme, you will have to work through it, write an article and provide the whole thing with images. How much time do you invest in your blog every day? Do you limit yourself according to “not more than X posts a day“?

I try to invest a lot of time to offer good content to my readers. One post a day should be the least. About three hours pass while I try to respond all the E-Mails I get every day and write the articles.

What fascinates you from home design and design as a general concept?

I concentrate on the ideas and the processes behind design in general terms. It is often unclear how much work is behind something, even if it seems very simple.

If you work this much with design, there are surely some sympathies. Are there design brands that you especially like and can you explain why?

I mainly like design goods with their function in the foreground, functional designs without focussing much on aesthetics. The material is also important for me. Big brands naturally focus on industrial mass production, they are less interesting for me than small design studios. But If I should name dome producers, there I think about Vitra, Sancal, Moroso, Artek and Auerberg. All of them are great companies with innovative and / or modern approaches.

Do you have a favourite designer? What do you like the most at him / her and the creations?

I have shortly discovered the designers Jussi Takkinen and Visa Malinen. Both of them are Finnish designers, which have a wonderfully simple approach. Stefan Diez and Matthias Hahn are also inspiring designers because of their modern methods.

What products impressed you lately?

I was impressed by the foldable sofa “Kamp” by Kamkam among others, since this product mirrors the spirit of nowadays. The “Boet” stool by Notedesignstudio is also interesting. The table “Homework” by Thomas Karl is a piece I would like to include in my flat.

Which products do you already have in your flat? What convinces you as private person and not so much as blogger regarding products?

Small products that are extremely present in a room delight me and are therefore in my flat. Lamps as sculptural objects are interesting to me. They wait for me in a room, without acting arrogantly in the middle of my way. An example would be the “Tilt Lamp” by Lokolo, which is also in my private home.