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Design Armchair - How to Find the Right Model for Your Home

Lato Side table and loafer armchair from & Tradition
  1. Armchair vs. chair vs. lounge chair
  2. Design armchairs, their frame types, shapes and extras
  3. Materials and cover fabrics
  4. Conclusion

1. Armchair vs. chair vs. lounge chair

Armchair, chair or lounge chair

Armchairs are softly upholstered seating furniture with room for one person, which always have a backrest and usually also armrests. The degree of upholstery determines the level of comfort. In contrast to chairs (such as the ferm Living - Herman chair), which have a seat height of 45 cm, the seat height of armchairs is usually slightly lower. In addition, armchairs (such as the Carl Hansen - FH419 Heritage Chair) are generally more expansive and have a greater inclination between the seat and backrest. The seat height of a lounge chair (such as the &Tradition - Pavilion Loungechair) is even lower. That's why it's also called low-seater. Furthermore, lounge chairs do not have to be upholstered like armchairs.

2. Design armchairs, their frame types, shapes and extras

Design armchairs and their frame types, shapes and extras

There is a wide range of armchair designs, with the two particularly decisive features being the type of frame and the armrest shape. These four types can be distinguished in both categories and can be found in various combinations: There are lots of style variants, starting with cantilever chairs with armrests (4), four-legged frames with indicated armrests (2) and four-leg star frames with upholstered armrests (1). In addition, there are also armchairs that have no armrests or frame at all and are fully upholstered instead (3).

Design armchairs and their frame types, shapes and extras

Whether it's a wing chair, recliner or massage chair - many design armchairs have additional functions and extras that increase the comfort factor and adapt to use. Particularly good as recliners are tilting models, which are usually either cantilever chairs or have a movable joint. Fold-out or swivel types can also be used very well as reading chairs. Extra comfort is provided by armchairs with a headrest, which either takes the form of a high backrest (such as the Puik - Lounge Chair) or is attached separately (such as the Eva Solo - Laze High Armchair). Armchairs with stool or ottoman offer the possibility to put the feet down and are often available as a set (like the Vitra - Repos Armchair and Ottoman). In addition to swivel armchairs in modern design, series in which the base frames and seat shells can be assembled personally (such as the Hay - About A Lounge Chair High AAL 93) are particularly interesting for a personal touch.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Armchairs with high backrests, so-called high-back chairs, are particularly suitable for relaxing and also for closing your eyes in between times in a restful way, while armchairs with low backrests are a classic extension of the sofa area." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

3. Materials and cover fabrics

Design armchairs, materials and cover fabrics

Whether your new armchair is to be grey, black or brightly coloured - the choice of upholstery material is just as important for the design effect as the colour: while natural materials such as rattan armchairs or specimens with sheep's wool (1) radiate warmth and comfort, leather armchairs (2) are classically elegant. With the latter, it is important to remember that natural leather is more sensitive than treated leather. There are also products with synthetic fibres that are less sensitive than natural fibres, with natural fibres providing better temperature regulation. Particularly popular are therefore armchairs with mixed fabrics, which combine the advantages of both materials. As far as the frames are concerned, the range of designs extends from wood (3) to plastic (4) and metal.

Expert tip "The most important factor in choosing a comfortable armchair is the upholstery and the upholstery fabric. The more upholstery, the softer and the longer you want to stay. If the upholstery fabric also has a pleasant feel and is breathable, standing is no longer an option." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Ro armchair by Fritz Hansen

4. Conclusion: what you should consider when buying an armchair

  • Armchairs offer space for one person and are characterised by their soft upholstery, a backrest and usually also armrests. While chairs have a seat height of 45 cm, this is less than 45 cm for armchairs. The seat height of lounge chairs, on the other hand, is usually still far below that of armchairs.
  • The four common frame types for armchairs are cantilever, four-legged, four-star and fully upholstered.
  • There are not only armchairs with or without armrests, but also with hinted and upholstered armrests.
  • Many armchairs have additional functions or extras such as an ottoman or headrest. There are also swivel, tilt and fold models.
  • There is a wide variety of materials for armchairs: there are upholstery fabrics made of natural materials, leather, synthetic fibres or mixed fabrics. For the frame you can choose between wood, plastic and metal.
  • Armchairs with high backrests are particularly suitable for relaxation, whereas armchairs as a complementary seating option in addition to the sofa landscape can be more compact and chair-like.

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