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Hay - Hee Lounge Chair Hay - Hee Lounge Chair from €215.00 *OK Design - Acapulco Chair OK Design - Acapulco Chair from €399.00 *Hay - Palissade Lounge Chair Low Hay - Palissade Lounge Chair Low from €359.00 *Menu - WM String Lounge Chair Menu - WM String Lounge Chair from €279.95 *OK Design - Acapulco All White OK Design - Acapulco All White €469.00 *Skagerak - Hang Chair Skagerak - Hang Chair €549.00 *Arper - Leaf Lounge Armchair Arper - Leaf Lounge Armchair from €546.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Cherry Wood Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Cherry Wood €6,290.00 *Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 83 Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 83 €899.00 *Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 82 Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 82 €889.00 *Muuto - Visu Lounge Chair Muuto - Visu Lounge Chair from €439.00 *Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Outdoor Armchair Knoll - Bertoia Diamond Outdoor Armchair €1,178.00 *OK Design - Condesa Chair OK Design - Condesa Chair from €399.00 *e15 - EC05 That Armchair -24% e15 - EC05 That Armchair from RRP €476.00 €360.00 *Carl Hansen - MG501 Cuba Chair Carl Hansen - MG501 Cuba Chair from €554.00 *Fermob - Surprising Lounger + Foot Rest Fermob - Surprising Lounger + Foot Rest from €468.00 *ferm Living - Herman Lounge Chair ferm Living - Herman Lounge Chair €539.00 *Acapulco Design - Acapulco Chair Leather Acapulco Design - Acapulco Chair Leather €495.00 *Trimm Copenhagen - Cocoon Outdoor Hang Chair Trimm Copenhagen - Cocoon Outdoor Hang Chair from €1,055.00 *Vitra - .06 Armchair Vitra - .06 Armchair €735.00 *Vitra - Coconut Chair Vitra - Coconut Chair €2,751.00 *Vitra - Plywood Group LCM Chair Vitra - Plywood Group LCM Chair from €775.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair - Walnut white Vitra - Lounge Chair - Walnut white from €5,590.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair - Cherry Wood Vitra - Lounge Chair - Cherry Wood from €4,690.00 *Hay - Ray Lounge Chair Hay - Ray Lounge Chair €1,249.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Santos Rosewood Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Santos Rosewood from €7,990.00 *Cappellini - Embryo Chair Cappellini - Embryo Chair €4,022.00 *Cappellini - Knotted Chair Cappellini - Knotted Chair €3,213.00 *Cappellini - Thinking Man's Chair Cappellini - Thinking Man's Chair from €1,827.00 *Knoll - Barcelona Lounger -27% Knoll - Barcelona Lounger RRP €6,700.00 €4,915.00 *Knoll - Wassily Chair Knoll - Wassily Chair from €2,083.00 *Artek - Mademoiselle Club Chair Artek - Mademoiselle Club Chair from €1,082.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair Santos Rosewood Vitra - Lounge Chair Santos Rosewood from €5,990.00 *Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Walnut black Vitra - Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Walnut black from €7,490.00 *Knoll - Marc Krusin Lounge Chair Knoll - Marc Krusin Lounge Chair €857.00 *Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 92 Hay - About A Lounge Chair AAL 92 from €1,179.00 *

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The lounge chair and ottoman by Vitra

Our Lounge Chairs: Cosy Eye-Catchers for any Room

In the public waiting area, for chilling outdoors or as comfortable seating furniture for relaxing moments at home - lounge chairs are suitable as stand-alone furniture accents and simultaneously create comfortable seating areas. Modern lounge chairs especially provide more proximity to the floor compared to conventional seating furniture, which is why they are also known as ‘low seaters’. Lounge chairs are available in different versions – with or without armrests, with or without cushions and with seat cushions in a variety of materials.
A chic lounge chair is a comfortable retreat after a long day of work. It's a visual highlight for your study. Whichever way you’d like to use one of our lounge chairs: you are bound to experience a high degree of exclusivity and comfort!

Lounge Chairs in our Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance

A Designer Piece with Exclusive Functions

Your new lounge chair has to look exceptionally good. It must also provide comfort and convenience. In addition you might want some features like electric backrest and armrest adjustment or maybe versions with enhanced elements in the neck and lumbar regions. Whatever your perfect Lounge Chair may look like: the whole spectrum of high-quality brands is available in our shop. Some of the best designers of furniture have designed chic chairs that will fully meet your demands for functionality, comfort and exclusivity. Choose your favourite designer armchairs from our range and look forward to an exclusive piece of furniture that’ll soon enrich your home visually.

Exclusive Brands in our Offering

With a lounge chair by Hay, Vitra or Knoll, you will fulfil your dream of an exclusive lounge chair from a top brand with high quality. The Bertoia Diamond Chair by Knoll is also designed to meet high expectations, just like the Hee Lounge Chair by Hay. Both pieces of furniture will be extremely attractive in your home and make the living room or study an elegant masterpiece. You will be the envy of friends and acquaintances thanks to these luxury items, as they highlight your demands for quality and functionality. Whether you choose a lounge chair matching your home furnishings or a humourous break in style is entirely your decision. In any case your new designer piece of furniture should be eye candy that inspires your guests.

Select your favourite from our range!

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