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Stepladders, folding ladders

You should bear this in mind when purchasing

Design stepladders/folding ladders - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Number of steps: 1, 2 or 3
  2. Folding mechanisms and functionality
  3. Material selection
  4. Conclusion

1. Number of stages: 1, 2 or 3

A design stepladder not only looks good, but is also a practical helper to get up high! It is particularly useful in connection with high shelves in the kitchen, storage room or pantry, but also for high bookshelves and even to assist with activities such as hanging curtains or drapes, dusting or cleaning windows.

Number of steps of design stepladders

1. Step (one step): side by side - footstool Little Stool | 2. Stool (two steps): Hay - Butler stool ladder | 3. Folding ladder (three and multi-step): Magis - Nuovastep step ladder

It is ergonomically recommended that the height of the steps should not exceed 20 cm. In order to have a secure foothold - especially if there is no possibility to hold on and you are climbing over two steps - a minimum depth of 21 centimetres per step is important.

2. Folding mechanisms and functionality of ladders

Folding mechanisms of design stepladders

Overall, the category can be divided into two groups: While folding ladders with at least three steps - as the name suggests - are foldable and can thus be stowed in a niche or behind a door so that they are not visible but within easy reach, a stool ladder or a step with one or two steps can also be used as a side table or stool. In a household with children, a one or two-step step is a great help for the little ones to grow up and some folding ladders can also be used as valets or bar stools. There are no limits to the multifunctionality.

Viktoria interior design expert tips for advisors "In order to fully exploit the advantages of high cupboards or bookcases, it is always worth having a step ladder in the room that matches the interior. In this way, you can reach the highest shelf safely and comfortably at any time and the rest of the time it serves as a seat, side table or plant elevator." - Viktoria, interior design expert

3. The material makes the stepladder design

Material of design stepladders

When buying design ladders, it is essential to consider the load capacity with regard to the material: this does not only consist of your own body weight, but changes depending on what you want to store or remove.

These materials are particularly common:

  • A stepladder made of wood (pictures 1 and 2) has a stable and durable character due to the natural material and fits perfectly into a Skandi interior. Wooden ladders are available in natural colours as well as painted in various colours and in combination with other materials such as polyester in the form of an integrated bag.
  • Models made of powder-coated aluminium and steel (picture 3) are not only very robust, but can also be found in particularly filigree constructions and have a high load capacity at the same time. Models made of aluminium are also impressive due to their low dead weight.
  • Plastic (Fig. 4) is a mixed material in terms of ladders, as it is always used in combination with another material. It not only provides visual lightness, but also in terms of actual weight.

4. Conclusion - what you should bear in mind when buying step stools or stepladders

  • On the one hand there are the models stool or step, which have one or two steps and can be used as a side table or shelf at the same time.
  • On the other hand there are models with three or more steps, which are called folding or household ladder. The main feature is that these can be folded up and stored in a narrow corner or niche, ready to hand.
  • For multi-step models, the height of the step should not exceed 21 centimetres In order to have a secure footing when you cannot hold on tight, a step depth of 21 centimetres and more is desirable.
  • The classic material for design ladders is wood, as it is robust and durable and can also function as a multifunctional piece of furniture. Other variants - often particularly light and filigree - are made of powder-coated steel or aluminium or plastic.

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