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The Casserole Dish - for Delicious Meals Straight Out of the Oven

Casseroles are very popular. The most delicious casseroles can be conjured up quickly with the help of a good ovenproof dish. They can be savory or sweet, are easy to prepare, and are especially delicious when baked with cheese.

The hot casserole comes straight out of the oven and is placed directly on the table, releasing a wonderful smell that will bring everyone to the kitchen. If there are leftovers, then they can be left to cool and then stored in the fridge thanks to the lid of some ovenproof dishes. Some say casseroles taste even better the second time around! Whether you are making a gourmet meal, dinner for one, or a big family lunch - a versatile object like the casserole dish is essential. Find out which ovenproof dish is best for you.

The right casserole dish - what you should keep in mind when buying:

1. Variety of Materials of Casserole Dishes
2. The Size of Your Ovenproof Dish
3. Caserole Dishes: Shapes
4. 4.Accessories: Casserole Dishes With Lids, Handles & More
5. How to Clean Casseroles
6. Additional Features of Your Ovenproof Casserole

1. Variety of Materials - Ovenproof Casserole out of Glass, Ceramics, or Cast Iron

Baking dishes are available in different materials: Keep in mind the necessity of high temperature resistance of the material.
A casserole made of glass is usually made of borosilicate glass. This fire-resistant glass is also used by the manufacturer Jenaer Glas. The

Cucina Glass Dish With Lid is heat-resistant up to 300°C and is also suitable for cooling and freezing down to -40°C and is available in different shapes. An ovenproof glass dish can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and is scratch and crack resistant. Dishes out of glass are best for food that needs to be checked up on regularly in the stove.

If you want to check how far along your food is in a ceramic casserole, you should usually look out for a golden crust with bubbly edges or poke potatoes for example, with a fork.
Porcelain and stoneware are best for serving because of their attractive designs.
A model made of cast iron or cast aluminum absorbs heat very well and prevents food from cooling too quickly. The dishes often have a non-stick coating and are therefore easy to clean.

2. The Right Size of Your Ovenproof Dish: Large or Small Casseroles, for Large or Small Dishes

You should always ask yourself: How many people am I cooking for? Mini baking dishes are suitable for one or to prepare a snack - the smallest models are approximately 15 x 15 cm in size. For households with two or three people the standard size offered is of about 28 x 22 cm. For a hungry family, it is best to choose a large baking dish of about 36 x 28 cm.

3. The Right Shape of Casserole Dishes - Rectangular, Round or Oval

The rectangular casserole is suitable for any dish as it is a true "all-rounder". Typical dishes for this shape are lasagnas, potato gratin and even tiramisu.

A flat, round baking dish with a wavy edge is recommended for tarts and quiches. A delicate gratin and any dish prepared with cheese is best done in a flat shape, since a larger surface is covered.

An oval or round casserole can be cleaned easily and is particularly useful for gratins and smaller dishes, which serve as a side dish or for only a few people.

4. Accessories: Casserole Dishes With Lids, Handles & More

For even faster results, there are baking dishes with matching lids. Remove it before your casserole is done cooking if you want a crispy top layer. A casserole dish with a lid is also useful to keep food warm or to store leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer. Don't forget to check that the casserole dish with lid is freezer-proof first!

Hot dishes can be difficult to handle, which is why some models come with handles or grips! Often, the handles are fixed onto the sides of the dish and consist of the respective material, for example porcelain or glass. In any case, don’t forget your oven mitten and cloth when taking the food out of the oven. The casserole should also be given some time to cool before serving. Find your oven mitten or cloth - plain or with graphic prints in our Kitchen Drapery category.

Some dishes feature special accessories such as rubber feet or special serving handles, which allow you to effortlessly take out the casserole from the oven and carry it to the dining table. Passing around the food is then also made easy. Once the casserole has briefly cooled, dishes with rubber feet can be placed directly on the table since the heat-resistant silicone serves as a trivet. Otherwise, it is recommended to place a pot trivet under your oven dish.

5. How to Clean Casseroles

If you want something that can easily be cleaned, then opt for a dishwasher-proof model. All dishes which are marked "dishwasher safe" in the properties section or the description can be washed without hesitation in the machine.

If you don’t plan to use a dishwasher, then make sure to soak the dish in warm water directly after use to ensure you don’t spend all evening scrubbing!

6. Features: What Should the Baking Dish Do?

Primarily, a casserole dish must be heat-resistant so that it can be used in the oven at high temperatures. So, do check that your new purchase is heat-resistant!

Do you save leftovers and eat them the next day? Then make sure that the dish is suitable for the microwave. If you want to freeze the food, then it is recommended to find a freezer-safe dish, making dinner preparation simply a matter of heating up your frozen casserole.

Ideally, you should select a dish with all of these features: This way, the hassle of transferring a baked dish into a serving bowl and later into a freezer- or microwave-safe dish is avoided. With the ovenproof dishes by Jenaer Glas or Rig-Tig by Stelton, you will save time and energy.

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