Cacoon - Double Swing Chair

A relaxing day outside – what could be more beautiful then than a hammock? And with our hammocks for inside you will be able to relax the whole year through!

Hammocks are available in many different forms: As classic, tensed mats, as swing chairs, as hanging chairs, as cantilevers, as tube hammocks… the advantages of hammocks are obvious: They are very comfortable, while they are also flexible, mobile and suitable to be used outside. Some hammocks are even suitable to be ported to a place you wish to do picnic.

And for the enjoyment to be continued during the colder seasons of the year, you will also be able to use the high class lounge hammocks inside of the house. If you have a good book in your hands, a hammock might be the right place to read it.

According to the place and purpose of the hammock, you will find a suitable one in the design shop: for children, adults or for the whole family. Look through the shop, be inspired and start to relax in your mind while ordering such a comfortable piece…