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Design lanterns - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Lantern vs. Lantern
  2. The optimal use of designer lanterns
  3. Lanterns and their materials
  4. Conclusion

1. Lantern vs. Lantern

Bodi's lantern from Broste Copenhagen

Both lanterns and lanterns create a cozy and stylish light and are both characterized by the fact that there is an open flame in a glass container that protects it from the wind and prevents it from going out. In contrast to a lantern, a lantern also has a handle, which makes it particularly practical to transport and allows it to be hung up. There are special lantern and lantern versions for lighting with candles, oil or ethanol.

You can find the right candle for every lantern design in our product category Candles.

Modern candles from the Collection

2. The optimal use of designer wind lights

Depending on the model, your decorative lantern can best come into its own in different places. You can use these rules as a guide:

  • The larger the lantern or lantern, the better it is suitable as a floor lantern.
  • If you want to hang your lantern outside, choose a model with a glass element encased in wood or metal. This protects the glass from breaking if something flies against it or if a wind movement hits it somewhere.
  • For use on the table, console or shelf, 3-piece arrangements are particularly beautiful. It is advisable to pay attention to differences in height in order to increase depth and three-dimensionality.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors “Large, simple lanterns and lanterns are not only the perfect mood lights in connection with classic or LED candles. They can also be used to decorate them according to the season or to repurpose them - for example as a small greenhouse.” – Viktoria, furnishing expert

3. Lanterns and their materials

The glass container, which protects the flame and prevents it from going out, makes lanterns ideal for outdoors and in draughty indoor areas, such as in the vestibule, house entrance or in long corridors. The material for the designer lanterns that you can find at Connox is chosen so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lanterns and their materials

While glass is the most common material for lanterns, there are also many other exciting and diverse combinations and designs:

You can create a natural atmosphere with a lantern made of wood (1), such as bamboo or teak, in combination with glass. A lantern made entirely of glass (2) looks particularly elegant, while the glass combinations with ceramic (3), leather (4) and metal (5) ensure a modern look.

Large bamboo lantern for the summer terrace

4. Conclusion - you should consider that when buying lanterns

  • A lantern is a lantern with a handle.
  • There are lanterns and lanterns for candles, oil or ethanol.
  • Lanterns are particularly suitable for draughty corridors or outdoors, as the glass protects the flame from the wind.
  • The most common material for a design lantern is glass. There are also many other combinations and designs, e.g. with wood, metal, leather or ceramics, each of which creates its own mood.
  • A large lantern is particularly useful on the floor.
  • The glass of lanterns that are to be hung outside is best protected from breakage with a wooden or metal coating.
  • 3-piece arrangements of lanterns look particularly beautiful on furniture both indoors and outdoors.

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Purchasing advice at Connox

Would you like to buy designer lanterns online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We are at your side with words and deeds during your purchase, give recommendations and can quickly clarify questions. Let us then conveniently deliver your desired item directly to your home.