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Tealight holder - small glasses, big effect

  1. Everything in its place: finding the right location
  2. Design tea light holders and flame games
  3. The right material for every interior style
  4. Arranging tea light holders
  5. Small ornaments for Christmas, Easter and Co.
  6. Conclusion

1. Everything in its place: finding the right location

Tealight holders are true all-rounders in the field of decoration . Whether individually on the coffee table or in a set with other holders: they are an absolute all-rounder, which brightens up any room without looking cluttered. Compared to candle holders tea light holders are the more discreet variant to set candlelight in scene.

Sanga Tray with tea light holders from Bloomingville in color brown
1. ferm Living - Tealight Holder Balance | 2. Philippi - Cubo Tealight Holder | 3. Audo - POV Wall Tealight Holder | 4. Kähler - Nobili Tealight Holder

The classic tealight holder for standing (1) finds its place everywhere due to its small size. The small all-round talents fit in easily, even in combination with other decorative objects. A highlight on the windowsill, the dining table or the chest of drawers. If a single tealight holder is too plain for you, you can use Multi tealight holders (2) . Thus one connects several light sources within a decoration element.
Likewise there are variants, which can be fastened as wall decoration to the walls (3) . An absolute eye-catcher in combination with an exciting wallpaper or wall color, which is also reflected by the candlelight.

As an alternative, there are also hanging variants (4) . This allows the tea lights to reach other levels of your home. They look particularly beautiful as a hanging object in the window, in which the candlelight is also reflected.

2. Design tea light holders and flame games

With tealight holders, the focus is less on the tealight. It is about the holder itself and the flame that conjures up the enchanting play of light. Here you can distinguish two forms.

On the one hand there are the closed tea light holders . In this case, the flame of the tea light is hardly visually perceived, but only the emitted light. The advantage here is on the one hand that with the condition of the tea light completely individual light plays into the area are radiated . On the other hand, there is a lower risk of fire and injury due to the flame not being directly exposed.

With open tea light holders one sees the flame of the candle completely and this illuminates the space absolutely unfiltered. Thus, the flame spectacle can be observed unhindered.

3. The right material for every interior style

The most commonly used materials for tea light holders are glass (1) and metal (2) .
Metal has reflective properties which make the supposedly small candlelight of a tea light appear larger. Reflecting the candlelight through the metal results in a captivating diffusion of the candlelight in the room. Metal tealight holders look particularly good in the industrial style . Especially in dark colors like black they are a great contrast.
With tea light holders made of coloured glass you can change the glow of the tea light and thus influence the atmosphere in the room. If you like it simple, you can go for clear tealight holders . These look classy and can be used universally. A great advantage to be able to integrate them into many interior styles.

Graphics for different materials
1. Iittala - Kastehelmi Votive | 2. Kähler Design - Hammershøi Tea Light Holder | 3. Andersen Furniture - Create Me Tea Light Holder | 4. Gejst - Molekyl Tea Light Holder 5. applicata - Mush Tea Light Holder | 6. Tom Dixon - Rock Tea Light Holder

Tealight holders made of porcelain and ceramics (2) are as noble as they are timeless. Materials which can be combined well with other materials. Timelessness does not have to be monotonous at all. The different surface textures and colours mean that completely different and exciting ensembles can be put together. The timeless, white classics from Kähler Design look particularly beautiful in the maritime interior style .

Those who prefer a more natural look will also find what they are looking for. Tealight holders made of wood (3) and marble (6) do not need much around because they work with their material all alone. Each piece is unique due to the individual grain of the wood or the marble. Particularly for Scandinavian furnished rooms as well as the country house style are tealight holders from wood an ideal addition. Both natural materials contribute to a natural and comfortable ambience.

Who does not have to commit itself to a material, makes with tea light holders in the material mix (5) nothing wrong. This makes the decoration more versatile and picks up many existing materials again for an atmospheric overall result .

4. Lone warrior and team player at the same time - arranging tealight holders

The tea light holder is not only impressive as a single decorative object in your home. Due to its often small size, it can be ideally mixed with other tea light holders.
Here they should preferably pay attention to an odd number so that the arrangement looks harmonious.

Also a real eye-catcher: Mix the same type of tea light holder with different colors from the series. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of colours for this purpose. A colourful combination looks lively without appearing restless.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "An arrangement with tea light holders is particularly beautiful and impressive in combination with matching candle holders. Different heights and the different shapes of the candles make for an exciting mix without appearing arbitrary. Many brands therefore already offer corresponding series." - Viktoria, interior design expert

5. Small ornaments for Christmas, Easter and Co.

Candlelight is always associated with special occasions and holidays like Christmas . And quite rightly so! Especially when it comes to shapes, many of our brands come up with Christmas-inspired shapes and colours.

Graphic for different tealight holders christmas interpreted

Tealight holders for Christmas are a good gift idea . They are also small and fit in well everywhere. Whether on the set festive table or as an atmospheric arrangement on a sideboard or in the windowsill: especially the festive tea light holders can be integrated everywhere and thus create small beautiful points of light.

But not only at Christmas, the refined tea light holders bring coziness to your home. Due to the great variety of colors and shapes, you can redecorate them at any time of year . Whether bright, spring-like shades such as pink, green and yellow. Or rather atmospheric, darker colors such as brown and dark green for autumn? For every occasion and interior design style you will find what you are looking for.

6. Conclusion

  • An uneven number of tea light holders has a harmonious effect.
  • For a change, don't just use the classic tea light holders for standing. Resort to other variants such as hanging tea light holders. This way you get beautiful light spots on all levels.
  • The combination of different colours is exciting without being cluttered - ideal for decorating a long table.
  • For draughty places, use closed tea light holders or ones where the flame of the tea light is protected.
  • Tea light holders with punched holes create exciting plays of light through the candlelight.
  • Always be aware of the fire hazard with open tea light holders and never leave an open fire unattended.

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