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Tea Light Holders


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Tea Light Holders: Small Candle Holders with Spectacular Effect

Tea light holders are true all-rounders. On the one hand, they function as a lantern, on the other hand, they create an enchanting atmosphere. Tea candle glasses and candle holders make for perfect decoration when grouped together, as material mixes are a special eye-catcher.

Tea Candle Holder Materials

1. Metal Tea Light Holders: Metal is opaque and reflects the candlelight. Stunning light effects are created in conjunction with extravagant designs. One example would be Tom Dixon's Etch tea light holder.

2. Glass Tea Light Holders: Glass is the most popular material for tea light holders. It breaks up the candlelight and can create different atmospheres through the different colors of the tea light holder's glass. If you like your home decor more moderate, a clear glass tea light holder is the way to go. Votive candle holders made of clear glass always look effortlessly elegant and often surprise with innovative designs. Iittala's tea light holder Kaasa is organically curved and matches any surroundings with its simple design.

3. Wooden Tea Light Holders: Wood with candles appears original and adds a homely touch. Another advantage: Thanks to the candles' heat, wooden tea light holders will spread a little bit of wooden scent.

Relaxing Candlelight

A good glass of wine, a book, soft music and a tea light with a nice holder. Tea light holders are decorative with added value. Candlelight provides for relaxation. But why is that? On one hand candlelight is spectral, meaning it requires minimal adaptation of our eyes. This is ‘rewarded’ by the body with increased serotonin output – we become happy. In addition, stored memories play a role. From when we are children we have learned that candles are lit in joyous situations, such as at festivals and for celebrations. Our mind falls back to these memories.

Colorful Table Decor: Tea Light Holders in Silver, Gold & Co.

Different colors have different effects on the human body and symbolize different things. In the case of tea light and candle holders, you can take advantage of this fact. If you're looking for a festive decoration for holidays such as Christmas, gold & silver tea light holders made of metal are the way to go. Glass tea light holders often exist in the brightest colors and immerse the candlelight in a different color. Yellow is exhilarating and mentally stimulating. In addition, it increases the perceived room temperature by several degrees. Blue promotes relaxation in addition to candlelight and regenerates. Used in larger amounts the color makes the room appear larger. With the differently colored Kivii tea light holders from Iittala they conjure up the atmosphere that you want. A special highlight: Kivii makes a perfect tea light holder set.

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