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Design candleholders - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Candlesticks for different candles
  2. Decorate with candles
  3. Special candlesticks for the Christmas season
  4. Lanterns for the outdoor season
  5. Candlestick with a certain something
  6. Material and cleaning
  7. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying

1. Design candle holder for different candles

Candles bathe rooms in special light. There are many types of candles and the matching candlesticks.

Rod candles : Long narrow candles do not stand by themselves. Candlesticks give the individual candles a stable and secure hold .

Tea lights : Tea lights can be placed in glass If tea light holders are placed inside, they are protected from wind. In other models the holder is integrated, in which the small round candles find their place.

Pillar candles : Candlesticks for pillar candles or block candles give them a hold and prevent candle wax from dripping onto the table unintentionally. Pillar candles are often also used for lanterns and wind lights.

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Note that candles can have different diameters. Therefore, before buying , compare the diameter of the candle and the socket of the candleholder .

2. Arrange candlesticks

On the table

Candles are an integral part of every table decoration. Most candles burn for celebrations like birthdays or Christmas. As a decorative and stylistic element, candles create a special atmosphere on the dining table all year round.

When decorating the table, care should be taken that the view to the person sitting opposite is not obstructed . For example, place a large, multi-flame candlestick at the end of the table . (1) Alternatively, block candles can be placed on a plate or tray to create a beautiful arrangement.

Table decoration with candlesticks

A long banquet table can be arranged with several small candlesticks, which are arranged in groups with flowers at regular intervals. (2) Alternatively, a centre point can be created on a long dining table . A highlight are for example different candlesticks with staff candles in different colours and heights, which are arranged in the middle of the table. (4)

Choose the colours and material of the candlesticks to match the tableware (3) and match it to your personal style. Alternatively, you can choose a simple version in black, white, silver or gold, which can be combined with everything. With decorative Placemats, napkins, vases and flowers complete the table decoration.

On the dresser

Wherever there is room for decoration such as vases or picture frames, candlesticks can also be placed. On chests of drawers, sideboards or shelves , the design candlesticks are very decorative, even when the candles are not burning .

Decorate candlestick on the chest of drawers

In general, candlesticks of different sizes and shapes from one colour family are a beautiful eye-catcher. Choose an odd number of candlesticks - everything will look harmonious.

Candlestick by Moebe in brass next to flower vase and box

Alternatively, candlesticks can also be combined in groups with other decorative elements. For example, create an arrangement of a candlestick and a glass vase. Supplemented by a box in which matches can be stored, for example, a successful triple combination is created.

Interior design expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture "For a change of pace, you don't necessarily need a new candlestick. Combine the colours and material of candles and candlesticks in a new way. Either you can make a simple candle holder more effective with a coloured candle or you choose candle and candle holder tone in tone to create a new ensemble. - Kerstin, interior design expert

3. Special candlesticks for the Christmas season

Typical for the Advent season is atmospheric candlelight. In addition to the Advent wreath, tea light holders are also part of the Christmas decoration, which can also be used throughout the winter.

A stylish alternative to the traditional Advent wreath is a 4-flame table chandelier decorated with green twigs, fir cones and the like. (1) Other candlesticks are also suitable for creating a Christmas atmosphere on the table or windowsill. (4)

Candlestick with modern design

Tealight holders are available in different shapes: Shaped as a house or cone, they are beautiful decorative objects, even when they are not burning. Depending on the material, the candle casts a cosy light through the tealight holder on the sideboard, table or windowsill. (2) Candlesticks with a Christmassy design, shaped as a star or angel, are themselves a beautiful decoration. (3)

4. Lanterns for the outdoor season

In summer, lanterns and storm lamps create a cosy and stylish light. The glass containers protect the flame from going out . That is why lanterns are ideal for outdoor use, but also in draughty indoor areas such as the entrance or in passageways.

5. Candlestick with a certain something

An eye-catcher are sculptural candlesticks, which themselves look like figures. Here the design of the candleholder plays a major role. (1) Candlesticks are also special, where individual modules are available. These can be stacked as desired, combined and connected to form an individual candleholder. (2)

Special design candleholders

There are also candleholders that can be used for another type of candle by turning the candle holder over. With only one candle holder you can decorate long and short candles. (3)

Some candleholders are also a nice wall decoration if they can be practically attached to the wall. You can find wall candleholders for example at Audo . (4)

6. Clean candlesticks properly

In addition to the appearance, the possibilities of cleaning also play a role in the choice of material. Depending on the material there are two common options - the heat or cold method.

Caution : Before cleaning, allow the wax to harden and cool down. Do not use sharp objects.

With metal or steel candlesticks, hot water from the tap is usually enough to wipe the wax off with a cloth. If unwanted wax residues remain, the candle holder can be placed on a layer of baking paper in the oven for a few minutes. Attention : The material gets very hot!

Porcelain candlesticks can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes for cleaning. However, they should not be forgotten there, otherwise there is a risk that the material will crack. Afterwards the wax can be removed almost by itself. If there are any residues, the candle holder can still be put in the dishwasher. When cleaning a wooden candleholder, choose the freezer as well. Here, however, cleaning with water or the dishwasher is not necessary.

Candlesticks made of glass or stone can be cleaned with either heat or cold . Both can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes. There, however, they should not be forgotten, otherwise there is a risk that the material will crack. Afterwards, residues can be removed with a cloth. Candle wax can also drip into the container with tea lights or candle glasses. Then the glass can be filled with hot water so that the wax becomes liquid again, floats to the surface and can be skimmed off.
Caution : Never leave lit candles burning unattended and keep them out of the reach of children!

7. Conclusion - what you can consider when buying a candleholder online

  • It is important to have a stable and safe stand. Therefore choose a suitable candle holder for your tea lights, candles or pillar candles.
  • Choose an odd number of candlesticks when decorating - it will look harmonious.
  • In addition to the classic Advent candlestick, there are also alternatives such as tealight holders, which provide an atmospheric light during the Advent season.
  • The glass container of lanterns protects the flame from going out. Therefore they are suitable for mild summer evenings or draughty indoor areas.
  • Candlesticks, which can be used for a different type of candle by turning the candle holder over, are particularly practical. Wall candleholders are also an alternative to the classic candleholder.
  • In addition to the appearance, the cleaning of the material is also decisive: While metal can be cleaned simply with hot water, porcelain and wooden candleholders should be cleaned in the freezer. For glass or stone both variants are suitable.

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