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Sirch Sledges: Transportation and Winter Sports Device

The sledge is more than a piece of winter sport equipment. It has been used for millennia as a means of transport. The probably oldest evidence of a sledge is a figure on a clay tablet from Mesopotamia, in today's Iraq. It is over 5,000 years old. In Europe the first wooden sledges or sleighs were used since the early days as hand-pulled or horse-pulled sleighs for hay and timber in the winter. At the same time the first small sledges in the form of skid vehicles and sledges for passenger transport have been created. Today the formerly classic sledge exists in several variants: sport sledges and slides, as high-performance devices for those who love speed or Davos sledges for relaxed tobogganing. The manufacturer Sirch offers a variety of high-quality variants of the sledge.

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How is a Sledge made?

A sledge is traditionally made from ash or beech wood with iron blades. Newer models can also be found in plastic. A sledge offers space for one or two persons. You sit on a seat made of wooden slats or a fabric covering. A rope to the front of the slide acts as a dragline for the winter sports equipment uphill or across flat stretches.

Davos or Horn Sledges: Which Sirch Sledge is the Best?

Essentially, we distinguish between two forms of the sledge: the Davos sledge and the Horn sledge. With the Davos sledge, the two runners studded with iron stand vertically on the ground. The seating position is upright. The model is steered with the feet. Thanks to its construction, the Davos sledge is a bit slower than other types and therefore particularly suitable as a children's sledge. The folding model Lillehammer by Sirch is practical.
It can be folded together so compactly that it fits into the smallest apartment or car boot. A horn sledge, on the other hand, goes more quickly. The horn sled owes its name to its extended runners which are used for steering. This is done by pulling and pushing on the horns. The Abyss horn sledge by Sirch is ideal for speed lovers. It is made from high-quality ash wood and its seat is covered with straps. It offers optimum seating comfort even on long luge days.

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