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There’s snow in the air. Wrapped in jackets, scarves and hats, people hurry down streets, cheeks red from the cold, looking forward to reaching the comfort of their warm homes. Once home, snow is patted off, fires lit and mugs of steaming hot tea are set to brew to be enjoyed by the stove, wrapped in a blanket and perhaps with a hot water bottle to warm our feet.

Winter can be fun, regardless of the need for scrapping off ice and collecting fire wood, because there is also sledging to be had, long winter walks and putting out feed for wild birds, which are always a joy to watch – whether that's their skilled acrobatics when feeding from a bird feeder in the garden or windowsill – a little bit of nature right there for us to enjoy.

Stylish Home Accessories for the Coldest Time of the Year

Get yourself and your home ready for the cold season. Shop from a range of beautiful designer objects and home accessories for the winter in our online shop, whether that's winter textiles and heaters for more comfort and warmth or a sleek new sledge to surprise your child with. Take a look at all of the delightful items we have put together to help you make your home as cosy as can be.

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ferm Living - Squares Knitted Blanket  ferm Living - Knitted Blanket, squares grey €106.00 *Alessi - electric kettle Alessi - electric kettle, 1.4 l, black €129.00 *Philippi - Cubo Teapot Warmer & Tea Light Holder Philippi - Cubo teapot warmer (5 pcs.) €27.90 *Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Cushion Cover Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Pillowcase 50 x 50 cm €49.50 * 3 von 5Authentics - Pill Hot Water Bottle Authentics - Pill hot water bag, dark grey €38.00 * 5 von 5Born in Sweden - Bird Feeder feeding station Born in Sweden - Bird Feeder €17.50 *Magisso - Tea Cup Magisso - Tea Cup, white €23.00 * 2 von 5Authentics - Pill Hot Water Bottle Authentics - Pill hot water bottle, dark blue €38.00 * 5 von 5Stelton - Emma Vacuum Teapot Stelton - Emma Vacuum Teapot 1 l, white €99.95 *Alessi - 9093 Kettle Alessi - Kettle 9093 “Bird Kettle”, polished / light blue €120.00 *Alessi - electric kettle Alessi - electric kettle, 0.8 l, black €119.00 *Radius Design - Glovers, made for lovers! Radius Design - Glovers, anthracite €17.90 *

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