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Kids' Room

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Unbridled curiosity, genuine happiness, bucket loads of energy and borderless fantasy: The life of your child is a unique adventure every day. Support the development of your child by creating an inspiring environment for them. Designers all over world - themselves mothers and fathers - have designed kids’ furniture, accessories and toys that are well-adapted to the needs of children. These designer products are made based on the demands of everyday life with children. They, along with our ideas for children’s rooms, make your child’s time in its room twice the fun.

Kids’ Rooms - What to Keep in Mind

The demand for durability and stability of children’s room furniture is high, because not only do children have tantrums, play and paint without worry, but primarily because the safety of your child has always priority. Solid materials are the way to go: Lacquer protects wood from scratches and knocks, plastic should display similar strength. Children’s bedroom furniture from Jäll & Tofta, De Breuyn, Kalon and Sebra is built for generations and produced extremely robust. Your grandchildren will also sleep in those design beds. Not only does the material provide for sustainable usage of children’s furniture, extendable children’s beds are in style. They can have their height or length adjusted so that a child can have the same bed right up to teenage years. The manufacturer De Breuyn is famous for such furniture, including desks and kids’ chairs.

Room for Creativity

Top off your kids' bed and dressers with a small children’s table and matching chairs. It offers space for arts and craft, building Lego and playing games. Maybe your child will also find enjoyment in our toy animals and cars. Many more original accessories help you lend a personal note to your children’s room. These rooms need color. Playful highlights support creativity and bring liveliness into the room. For this reason, many of our designer products are available in variants with multiple colors. They let you harmoniously design your child’s room with their favorite color or furnish it colorful.

Warning: Watch out for age limits on toys when selecting one. This way you ensure your child can have fun with it and avoid small parts being swallowed.