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Buying children's carpets - you should consider this

Adventure play carpet 180 x 70 cm from OYOY in black / white
  1. Benefits of the carpet in the nursery
  2. Suitable materials for children carpets
  3. Colours and shapes: Carpets for boys and girls
  4. Clean children's carpet

1. Advantages of the carpet in the children's room

As in any other room in your home, a carpet provides additional cosiness and warmth in the children's room. However, a carpet is especially important in the children's room, as the little ones crawl and play here every day. A nursery rug offers the little ones such pleasant warmth and at the same time protection from scratches.

Another advantage is that, unlike a carpet, the carpet in the children's room can be rolled up quickly and the floor underneath it can be cleaned quickly and easily. A small model can be easily beaten or even cleaned in the washing machine. In addition, a children's room carpet can be replaced again and again and thus give the room a new look, for example if your child no longer likes the motif or the model is worn out due to the many games and crawling.

2. Suitable materials and manufacturing methods for children's carpets

Children's carpets are made of different materials, all of which have certain advantages and are designed for one purpose. In general, carpets for children's rooms are made of easy-care, dirt-resistant materials and have a low pile. They are particularly easy to clean and small toys cannot get lost in them.

Natural fibre: Children's carpets made of natural fibres such as wool or felt are particularly easy to care for and convince above all with their warming properties. Our tip: With a textile underlay, the children's carpet is slip-resistant and the warmth effect is further enhanced.

Children's carpet Rainbow by OYOY

Synthetic: Carpets for the children's room made of synthetic materials, such as polyester or acrylic, are dirt-repellent. They absorb less dust and dirt and are also very hard-wearing.

Tufted children's carpets: In tufting, the yarn is sewn onto a carrier material with many needles. A back is then attached so that tufted children's carpets are particularly robust. Depending on the material, such as foam or polyester, this also makes the tufted carpet non-slip and is well suited for children who crawl and romp a lot.

Woven children's carpets: In the case of a woven children's carpet, warp and weft threads are woven by a weaving machine so that the base fabric and pile are produced in one production step. Woven carpets are hardwearing and the right choice if there is a lot of play on the carpet in the children's room.

Knotted children's quilts: In machine-knotted children's carpets, sewing thread from thousands of thread rolls is fed into a mechanical loom which weaves the carpet in a short time. It does not need a firm, additional base and is therefore soft and light.

PUK carpets for children

1. Tufted carpet (ferm Living - Meet tapestry) | 2. Woven carpet (Muuto - Ply Rug) |
3. Knotted carpet (Massimo - Earth Bamboo Rug)

3. Colours and shapes: Carpets for boys and girls

Children's carpets, especially designed for the children's room, inspire above all by their varied, creative forms, bright colours and patterns. With the animal motives of the Children's carpets by OYOY bring life in warm colours into the children's room. ferm Living also supplies many playful shapes in unobtrusive colours. Children's carpets with many colourful felt balls, like the Pinocchio carpet by Hay, looks lively and invites you to play.

4. Cleaning children's carpets

In the children's room carpets are subject to particular wear and tear - they are used for playing, crawling and perhaps even eating. Therefore they have to be cleaned frequently. To remove coarse dirt and dust, you should vacuum the children's carpet regularly. As long as they are fresh, stains are best removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or rubbing with a little bile soap. Check the colour fastness of the carpet beforehand, preferably on the underside.

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