Alan Wisniewski


Umbra - Buddy Hooks Umbra - Buddy Hooks set of 3, black €20.00 *Umbra - Subway Wall Coat Rack Umbra - Subway wall coat rack, multi-coloured €35.00 * 3 von 5Umbra - Flapper Coat Stand Umbra - Flapper Coat Stand, black / walnut €175.00 *Umbra - Flapper Coat Stand Umbra - Flapper Coat Stand, white / natural €175.00 *
Alan Wisniewski

Alan Wisniewski has always been interested in arts and design and he initially wanted to become an architect. Only a high school teacher made him aware about industrial design, what he studied afterwards. He also got his first job as industrial designer by his personal love for good design, after his studies – His for Umbra designed purse directly led him to the Canadian design manufacturer.

There he still works, inspired by the flexible and creative surrounding of the design company.

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