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In 1979 the longtime friends Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum founded the Canadian company umbra. Besides a 30-people designteam does umbra employ several famous accumulation designers like Karim Rashid.

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Umbra started in 1979, when the friends Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum unified their power in order to creating exiting and unconventional products for the daily home usage.

The real start was however made by Paul Rowan, with a self-made paper window sunflower, which he proudly presented to his youth friend Les Mandelbaum. Both of them were delighted and umbra (lat. Shadow) was born.

The Umbra team includes more than 30 women and men of the whole world as well as namely designer that work as freelancers today, having received numerous design awards already. All employees work under the management of Paul Rowan still today, being the core of the company. Meanwhile more than 650 people work in the Umbra offices all around the world, and more than 25,000 distributers sell Umbra products in more than 75 nations. The main base of Umbra is in Toronto, Canada.

Umbra celebrated huge success in the middle of the 1990s with the products of a young and still not very known designer. This was Karim Rashid, the designer of the paper bin “Garbo” (1996) and the “Oh-Chair” (2000), becoming million sellers and offering world popularity to the designer.

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