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Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Before Bendetta Mori Ubaldini moved to Milan in the year 2005, she lived and studied in London. Despite of her work with many materials, she is especially famous for her innovative and exceptional wire mesh objects. Simple, industrial made wire mesh is used as raw material in Mori Ubaldini’s workshop. This one is shaped by hand; the wire objects get their seamless appearance by means of turning and connecting the single pieces.

”I love to fill big rooms with history, which is the reason why I create three-dimensions pictures and like to give the impress of being symbolic and poetic. The sculptures I make out of “rabbits’ wire” have no interior structure, which is why the interplay of presence and absence becomes the magical part of my work, wince every piece is given weightlessness, as if it was a phantom out of a memory or a dream.”