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Designer Frederik Roijé

Frederik Roijé

”Products tent to disappear behind their function. I want to protect my products from that, by giving an additional value to them. This value is the history behind the product.”Frederik Roijé

Frederik Roijé is a designer and simultaneously the name-giver of a design agency and a design manufacturer. He follows the demand of designing products out of the love for surprises, curiosity and beauty – new products for a new time.

Frederim Roijße was born in the east of Netherlands the 14th of June 1978. He graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2001. Already then, his love for furnishing objects was obvious.

Frederik Roijé did some internships at namely designers such as Piero Lissoni in Milan and Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam during his studies.

Frederik Roijé founded his own design studio based in Amsterdam. The studio is specialized on furnishing and product design and considers concept and development the most important aspects of design.

The designs by Frederik Roijé attracted worldwide attention. Beside his own collection that he provides in his eponymous business, also the manufacturer Droog Design did produce some of Roijé’s designs. His works could furthermore be presented in numerous expositions and museums all around the world.

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