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Flemming Lassen

Flemming Lassen

Danish architect & designer

Flemming Lassen lived from 1902-1984 in Denmark and is the younger brother of Mogens Lassen. Born into a family of artists - both parents were painters - it was soon clear to him that one day he would become an architect. The creativity was attributed to him in the cradle and already as a young boy he prefered to draw buildings and flipped in architecture books, than to deal with toy cars.

In 1910, he came to a boarding school and from then on was together in a class with Arne Jacobsen. Mogens and Flemming aroused the interest of architecture in Arne Jacobsen, so he abandoned his earlier wish to become a painter. The friendship between Flemming and Arne lasted for a lifetime; both were Functionalists and shared the same passion. So they worked professionally well together and designed the world famous round House of the Future. With this design, Lassen achieved the breakthrough and he could make a name as an architect and designer internationally.

In the course of his life, Flemming Lassen was awarded numerous awards and is still one of the most respected designers. Besides buildings, the Dane designed pieces of furniture, which are also still very popular.