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George Carwardine

George Carwardine

Designer of the iconic Anglepoise 1227 lamp.

George Carwardine (1887 - 1947) is the inventor of the iconic Anglepoise 1227 lamp and a respected engineer of his time.

In 1931, he developed a theoretical concept for a method of balancing weights using springs, cranks and levers. This enabled Carwardine, using the high quality springs from Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd, to create a lamp that combined flexibility and balance. In 1933, the first four-spring Anglepoise lamp was introduced to the market. At the time, the lamp was considered too industrial for the living room at home, so Carwardine and Terry's designers collaborated to create a three-spring version. This design, known as the Anglepoise Original 1227, has been tweaked over the years, but is generally considered the archetypal Anglepoise lamp.

Carwardine maintained his association with Terry for the rest of his life. He developed numerous variations of the original Anglepoise design, including luminaires for hospital operating rooms.

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