Line Depping


Hay - Hook Hay - Hook, natural ash €99.00 *Hay - Hook Hay - Hook, light grey €99.00 *Hay - Hook Hay - Hook, dark grey €99.00 *Skagerak - Turn Stool Skagerak - Turn Stool, ash €289.00 *Skagerak - Turn Mirror Skagerak - Turn Mirror, small €215.00 *Hay - Hook Hay - Hook, black €99.00 *Skagerak - Turn Bench Skagerak - Turn Bench, ash €469.00 *Hay - Frame Table Hay - Frame Table, 200 cm, ash / gray €1,715.00 *Hay - Frame Bench Hay - Frame Bench, 200 cm, ash wood €929.00 *
Line Depping

Line Depping was born in Denmark in 1978. The designer lives and works in the capital Copenhagen today.

After Depping finished the technical high school in 1998, the Danish started studying at the Krabbesholm University. She finished an exchange with the design academy in Eindhoven in 2006. Back out of the Netherlands, Depping finished her studies in Denmark in 2007.

Line Depping works as assistant for Cecilie Manz since 2008 and realizes own projects. The products of the Danish were honoured several times since then: her creations were already presented in the Hay House, on the Designweek in Milan, on the Stockholm furniture fair, in the Officinet and many more museums, expositions and vernissages.

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