Sung wook Park


Umbra - Clipline Umbra - Clipline €40.00 *Umbra - Toto Box Umbra - Toto Box, natural / white €35.00 * 4 von 5Umbra - Clothesline Umbra - Clothesline Flip €35.00 *Umbra - Reflexion Jewellery Box Umbra - Reflexion Box, natural / white €40.00 *Umbra - Phantom Picture Frame Umbra - Phantom Picture Frame, 41 x 25 cm, black €25.00 *Umbra - Clothesline Umbra - Clothesline Shadow Box €40.00 *Umbra - Mappit Magnetic Board Umbra - Mappit Magnetic Board, titan €80.00 *Umbra - Nesta Tiered Planted Umbra - Nesta Freestand Plant Holder, white speckled €100.00 *Umbra - Nesta Single Planter Umbra - Nesta single planter, white speckled €45.00 *
Sung wook Park

Sung wook Park was born in the South Korean capital Seoul, before he moved to Canada. There he studied at the OCAD University in Toronto. Park already won his first proze while he was still a student, at the Design Award Competition “Driving Design” organized by Umbra and Audi.

The main aim of Sung wook Park is to leave happiness and unique impressions in people with his designs. The uncountable possibilities of re-interpreting already existing products are Park’s moving force.

Sung wook Park works for the Canadian design manufacturer Umbra at the moment, where he has the possibility of make people’s days a bit more exciting again and again.

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