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ferm Living - Plant Box Series

ferm Living - Plant Box Series

Plant Box Series

The ferm Living Plant Box was originally developed by founder Trine Andersen as a plant stand in three different shapes. In the meantime it is available in 6 different designs. Through the creativity of the users, it quickly advanced beyond plant storage to a true multi-talent. We show you how you can use the Plant Box in different areas of application and get inspired by our planting ideas.

ferm Living - Plant Box - Overview
  1. Plant Box
  2. Plant Box small
  3. Plant Box with two levels
  4. Plant Box round
  5. Plant Box large
  6. Wall Box

1. Plant Box - the classic

You don't have a green thumb? We have the right type of plant for you: succulents. Not only do they come in many varieties, they are also extremely easy to care for and decorative. Make sure that succulents get enough light and that you water the plants regularly. The first Plant Box from the series offers enough space for various plants.

That you can Plant Box can only be used as a plant stand has not been the case for a long time. Many ideas have evolved and developed over time.

The Plant Box by ferm Living also looks good in your office. Use the stand, which has almost become a design classic, to store books, organizers, drawings and always have them at hand. With the matching container, such as bins, deviders and containers you can Plant Box subdivide and create more order.

You want to Plant Box continue to decorate it with plants and use it as a storage surface at the same time? Opt for a tray made of brass, wood or marble and use the space gained for decorating or as a side table to set down your cup of coffee.
The hidden storage space under the tray is perfect for storing items that you don't want to be visible at first glance. Here you will find the accessories for the classic:

The tray for the Plant Box from ferm Living made of marble
ferm Living - Tray for Plant Box large, brass

2. Plant Box Small

The smallest in the Plant Box family: the Plant Box Small. It can be placed anywhere - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the windowsill or on the desk. A shady spot is enough for the mosaic plant, depending on its area of application. With its coloured veins it is a real eye-catcher. Water the plant regularly so that the soil is always slightly moist - make sure that there is no waterlogging.

Because of its small size you can take Plant Box with you everywhere. Gather your cleaning supplies, like cleaning products, sponges and towels. No matter which area in the apartment you clean - collected in the Plant Box Small you have everything in one place.

3. Plant Box with two levels

What could be better than growing herbs and vegetables? You don't need a big garden with a huge vegetable patch. The Plant Box is ideal for planting seeds and expanding your own herb supply. Place the Plant Box with two levels on your balcony and water the seeds regularly. After a short time the first herbs will grow. If you do not have a balcony or terrace, place the Plant Box in your kitchen. Make sure that the room is flooded with light.
Are you too impatient to wait a while? Buy ready-made herbs or strawberries directly and plant them.

Use the two levels in the bathroom by placing your cosmetic products on top to care for your skin and body. Below, towels and baskets find their place.

4. Plant Box round

The elongated shape of the Plant Box does not find its place everywhere. For this case ferm Living has the round one Plant Box in the assortment.

Why not use it as a decorative object? Also the round Plant Box can be used for storage purposes and as a decorative box It doesn't always have to be a lot. A book, a vase and a sculpture are enough to give the room more character.


5. Plant Box large

Do you like it more colourful? Plant wild flowers on your own balcony and bring nature into your home. The depth of the container makes room for plants and flowers with longer roots. Sow cornflowers, corn poppies or daisies.

The entrance area usually lacks a shelf to store items such as keys, wallet or jacket. The Plant Box Large with the additional tray is ideal. The items do not disappear in the box and it offers a large storage area. Pot a plant in the additional box, which is available as an accessory. Don't be afraid to take a larger one. Due to the low height of the Large Box, the plant is directly at head height and allows a view of the greenery.


6. Wall Box

As the name suggests, the Wall Box was originally intended to be wall mounted - it's a real eye-catcher on the floor too. A large plant looks great. The large leaves and far-reaching branches give your home a jungle-like atmosphere. Succulents or other hanging plants are great for the wall. This gives every bare wall a green eye-catcher.

In the bathroom you need products that are quickly to hand. Use the Wall Box as a shelf for shampoo and shower gel. The deep box looks neat and simple.