The Danish manufacturer Ferm Living is globally known for its accessories. Cushions, the Wire Basket and the Plant Stand are only a few well-known products.
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Ferm Living is a Danish company, which specialises in the development and manufacturing of furnishing objects with a graphic touch.

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ferm Living - Toilet Paper Holder  ferm Living - Toilet Paper Holder from €30.00 *ferm Living - Plant Stand  ferm Living - Plant Stand from €30.00 *ferm Living - Wire Basket Medium  ferm Living - Wire Basket Medium from €69.00 *ferm Living - Confetti Tin Boxes (Set of 3)  ferm Living - Confetti Tin Boxes (Set of 3) €30.00 *ferm Living - Squares Knitted Blanket ferm Living - Squares Knitted Blanket from €106.00 *ferm Living - Children’s Gym Bag  ferm Living - Children’s Gym Bag from €14.00 *ferm Living - House Advent Calendar ferm Living - House Advent Calendar €54.00 *ferm Living - Shelf Hangers  ferm Living - Shelf Hangers from €35.00 *ferm Living - Plant Box  ferm Living - Plant Box from €199.00 *ferm Living - Spear Laundry Basket ferm Living - Spear Laundry Basket €69.00 *ferm Living - Wire Basket Small  ferm Living - Wire Basket Small from €58.00 *ferm Living - Mountain Tea Towel ferm Living - Mountain Tea Towel €11.00 *ferm living - Wire Basket Top Medium ferm living - Wire Basket Top Medium from €82.00 *ferm Living - Wire Basket Large ferm Living - Wire Basket Large from €82.00 *ferm living - Ripple Carafe ferm living - Ripple Carafe €34.00 *ferm Living - Wooden Frames ferm Living - Wooden Frames from €30.00 *ferm Living - Grid Laundry Basket ferm Living - Grid Laundry Basket €69.00 *ferm Living - Hexagon Flowerpot ferm Living - Hexagon Flowerpot from €36.00 * 5 von 5ferm Living - Clipboard ferm Living - Clipboard from €18.00 *ferm Living - House Potholder and Trivet ferm Living - House Potholder and Trivet €11.00 *ferm Living - Wire Basket Top Small ferm Living - Wire Basket Top Small from €60.00 * 4 von 5ferm Living - Kelim Rug Squares ferm Living - Kelim Rug Squares from €109.00 *ferm Living - Wire Basket Top Large ferm Living - Wire Basket Top Large from €106.00 *ferm Living - Spear Shower Curtain ferm Living - Spear Shower Curtain €69.00 *ferm Living - Cloud Music Mobile ferm Living - Cloud Music Mobile €20.00 *ferm Living - Brass Wall Hook (Set of 2) ferm Living - Brass Wall Hook (Set of 2) €35.00 *ferm Living - Jute Rug Triangle ferm Living - Jute Rug Triangle from €42.00 *ferm Living - Jute Rug Black Dots ferm Living - Jute Rug Black Dots from €42.00 *ferm Living - Ripple Glasses (set of 4) ferm Living - Ripple Glasses (set of 4) €40.00 *ferm Living - Square Magazine Holder ferm Living - Square Magazine Holder from €42.00 *ferm Living - Cloud Lamp ferm Living - Cloud Lamp €72.00 *ferm Living - Blend Tea Towel ferm Living - Blend Tea Towel from €14.00 *ferm Living - Kelim Cushion ferm Living - Kelim Cushion from €67.00 *ferm Living - Plant Box small ferm Living - Plant Box small from €69.00 *ferm Living - Canvas Oven Mitt ferm Living - Canvas Oven Mitt from €16.00 *ferm Living - Bridges Tea Towel ferm Living - Bridges Tea Towel from €11.00 *

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ferm Living - interior design from the north

The product collection ranges from wallpaper, wall stickers, textiles, appliances to a large KIDS collection and many more things to follow in the future. ferm Living originated from a graphic design agency in Århus, Denmark, which was founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. The company finally saw the light of day after she had visited a psychic for fun. Trine was quite amazed as the psychic saw a little confused bird sitting on a tree branch that obviously did not know in which direction it should fly. This image was signficant for Trine’s decision to follow her dream of owning her own business.

After ferm Living was founded, she knew that the little bird had found its way and put him on the company logo.

Successful worldwide in just 10 years The company changed its business concept (geared towards corporate design) to the sale of lifestyle products geared towards graphic design when Try furnished her new house. She was looking for graphic wallpaper, but could not find the right pattern and similar patterns were too expensive. When she considered that her situation was likely relatively common, she decided to create do-it-yourself graphic wallpaper at an affordable price. The first wallpaper collection was released in February 2006 and since then it has gone faster and faster. ferm Living currently operates in many markets around the world and has offices in Australia, the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, and Japan. To get more information about the company, read our blog post on the 10th anniversary of the Danish manufacturer.

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