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Small Gifts

Small gifts - Giving is a Matter of the Heart

You don’t always need huge gifts to show friends and family your appreciation. Even small gifts can make hearts beat faster. The saying “it’s the thought that counts” holds very true. Show your loved ones that you thought about them – perhaps with a small bring-along gift. A small tip: When choosing a gift, think about the recipient’s taste. Be inspired by our selection.

Small Gifts in the Home Design Shop – An Overview of Your Benefits

Giving during the Holiday Season

There is no other time when as many gifts are purchased as during the holiday season. In 2014, retail sales were at 80 billion euros. The longer we know people, the harder it is to find gifts for them. We run out of ideas. Personalised gifts such as vouchers are a good option for these cases. They avoid the faux pas of a boring or generic gift. With our Connox Gift Vouchers, you make any recipient happy. Depending on your budget, you can select an amount between 20 and 200 euros. Choose from different designs for the voucher.

Bring-along Gifts – What to Give your Host?

When invited to dinner it is a polite gesture to bring a small gift for your host. The Free Key Key Ring by Troika is a simple version suitable for both men and women. It isn’t hard to find something to the recipient’s taste. A different solution is candles and candleholders. They are stylish table decorations on your dining table and can also be used in other places. For instance, the Iittala Kivi Votive Candle Holder incited enthusiasm through its uniqueness. It is available in 12 different colours. No matter what colour concept your host prefers, you are sure to find something fitting among the Kivi Votive Candle Holders.

Small Gifts for Men and Women

When giving, you should generally keep in mind the difference between men and women. While men often prefer technical gadgets, women often find them boring. Nonetheless, there are gifts that help in the everyday lives of anyone. For instance, tangled cables affect both genders alike. With the Bluelounge CableBox Mini, you can store unsightly chargers and cables for your smartphone, iPod and Co.

Give something from your heart. Turn your gifts into something that brings joy. Whether Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, we have the right thing for any occasion.

Want to buy small gifts online? Let Connox deliver them comfortably to your home within a few workdays.