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Housewarming gifts

Unique housewarming gift

People who move into their new home often associate this with a positive new beginning - be it of a professional or personal nature. In almost every case, this event is a reason to celebrate. Friends and relatives are often faced with the question of which things are suitable as housewarming gifts. Bread and salt is a tradition and in the Connox online store you will find numerous other beautiful gift ideas for the home - as decoration or as everyday helpers. Take your time to browse through our range and be inspired!

Original gifts for the new home

Beautiful and useful housewarming gifts are welcome by the host: Even when two households are combined, one or two pieces of furniture may still be missing. The Canadian design house Umbra is known for its imaginative and practical products; here you will find beautiful and unusual gifts for the kitchen, study, balcony and patio. In contrast to coat racks , the Flip Hook 5-piece coat rack from Umbra is extremely space-saving and, thanks to its timeless design, adapts to any interior style. The coat rack is available in different sizes in our store. The milk and sugar set from Eva Solo is just one of the many functional yet beautifully designed products from the Danish designer. For passionate cooks, the Eva Solo range is a veritable El Dorado: the high-quality and tasteful pieces are both practical and elegant, making them ideal as housewarming gifts.

Housewarming gifts decorate the home

If you prefer something a little more rustic, check out the range from side by side in our online store. Together with designers, disabled artists develop beautiful housewarming gifts in their workshops - attractive, sturdy and with great attention to detail. The basic material for most of the products in this series is untreated wood of any kind - it is used for the serving board in the shape of a dachshund as well as for the warmer with its campfire look. Great gift ideas for housewarming for every taste and every style of living can be found in the Connox online store - we hope you enjoy choosing and will deliver your desired product to your home!

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