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Gubi is a Danish design company dedicated to lighting and furniture. Founded by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967, Gubi's headquarters and showroom are based in Copenhagen.

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Gubi - Matégot Coat Rack Gubi - Matégot Coat Rack from €159.00 *Gubi - Semi Pendant Lamp Gubi - Semi Pendant Lamp from €249.00 * 5 von 5Gubi - Pedrera H2O Table Lamp Gubi - Pedrera H2O Table Lamp from €189.00 *Gubi - Gräshoppa Floor Lamp GM1 Gubi - Gräshoppa Floor Lamp GM1 from €749.00 *Gubi - Adnet Mirror Gubi - Adnet Mirror from €669.00 *Gubi - Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp Gubi - Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp from €549.00 *Gubi - Pedrera Floor Lamp PD2 Gubi - Pedrera Floor Lamp PD2 from €679.00 *Gubi - Dining Table (Round) Gubi - Dining Table (Round) from €1,279.00 *Gubi - Dedal Bookshelf Gubi - Dedal Bookshelf from €289.00 *Gubi - TS Coffee Table Gubi - TS Coffee Table from €499.00 *Gubi - Ronde Pendant Lamp Gubi - Ronde Pendant Lamp from €239.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL1 Desk Lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL1 Desk Lamp from €579.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL7 wall light Gubi - Bestlite BL7 wall light from €379.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL2 table lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL2 table lamp from €529.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL3 floor lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL3 floor lamp from €819.00 *Bestlite - BL5 wall light Bestlite - BL5 wall light from €549.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL6 wall light Gubi - Bestlite BL6 wall light from €519.00 *Bestlite - BL9 L Pendant Bestlite - BL9 L Pendant from €239.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL10 wall lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL10 wall lamp from €649.00 *Gubi - Pedrera Coffee Table Gubi - Pedrera Coffee Table from €749.00 *Gubi - Cobra Table Lamp GM2 Gubi - Cobra Table Lamp GM2 from €419.00 *Gubi - Cobra Floor Lamp GM3 Gubi - Cobra Floor Lamp GM3 from €619.00 *Gubi - Turbo Pendant Lamp Gubi - Turbo Pendant Lamp €529.00 *Gubi - Gräshoppa Table Lamp Gubi - Gräshoppa Table Lamp from €449.00 *Gubi - Gräshoppa Pendant Lamp Gubi - Gräshoppa Pendant Lamp €259.00 *Gubi - Beetle Lounge Chair Gubi - Beetle Lounge Chair €1,599.00 *Gubi - G10 Pendant Lamp Gubi - G10 Pendant Lamp from €369.00 *Gubi - G10 Floor Lamp Gubi - G10 Floor Lamp €799.00 *Gubi - Pedrera H2O Pendant Lamp Gubi - Pedrera H2O Pendant Lamp from €199.00 *Gubi - Beetle Chair (Metal) Gubi - Beetle Chair (Metal) from €289.00 *Gubi - Beetle Chair Gubi - Beetle Chair from €339.00 *Gubi - 3D Chair (HiRek/Wood) Gubi - 3D Chair (HiRek/Wood) from €309.00 *Gubi - Randaccio Wall Mirror Gubi - Randaccio Wall Mirror from €649.00 *Gubi - F.A. 33 Wall Mirror Gubi - F.A. 33 Wall Mirror from €999.00 *Gubi - Dining Table (Elliptical) Gubi - Dining Table (Elliptical) from €2,219.00 *Gubi - Dining Table (Rectangular) Gubi - Dining Table (Rectangular) from €1,779.00 *

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Gubi is a Danish design company dedicated to lighting and furniture. Gubi’s headquarters and showroom are located in Copenhagen. Gubi was founded by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967. Since then, the company has been kept in the family. In 2001, Jacob Gubi took over managing Gubi.

For Gubi, a sense of responsibility is important. Many considerations are necessary before a product is created. Innovation is always a central goal among these considerations - Innovation regarding materials, ecological aspects, and design.

However, before an innovative concept can be realised, many steps must first take place at Gubi to decide if the ideas really have the potential to become a long-term concept. As brilliant as an idea may be, the efficiency of the technology behind it and the efficacy of the materials is of great importance to the company.

The several-time recognised Gubi Chair became the pioneer of the company’s own collection of furniture and lamps. Gubi has since worked on many projects and the design of numerous buildings.

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