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Hay - New Order

Hay - New Order Collection - banner

As flexible as life: New Order is a modular shelving system by Hay, which offers uncountable possibilities, leaving no wishes unfulfilled.

People are never the same, so why should a shelving system be like the others? That was what Stefan Diez asked himself when he designed his New Order shelving system. Completed flexibility was his focus, and the result is a collection of furniture pieces, which are hard to surpass regarding their versatility.

New Order: Shelving system for modern times

Whether hanging at the wall or placed in the middle of the room: This liberty starts when we choose the place to install it. The New Order elements fit in everywhere, since all parts can be completed with wooden or textile panels. Different kinds of wooden shelves add personal tastes to the system: a flat standard tray as well as one with raised edges, the loved pieces must be presented in a special shelf! New Order becomes a wardrobe if you add some doors.

Opened or closed systems are possible this way, being easily changed regarding their height and length. The single New Order modules have a maximum width of two meters. The shelving system of Hay resists a lot, even with this width, since it doesn’t bent easily being made of aluminium, contrasting other shelves.

The graphical, slightly ascetic silhouette of the shelf by Stefan Diez ensures to fit in every home. The different elements, materials and surfaces are suitable for different surroundings and interiors.

Hay presents uncountable possibilities

The New Order system from Hay really suits in every room with its uncountable possibilities. In the office, in public places or at home is where it is able to convince. To mount and demount the clever construction occurs in only an instant and the whole thing can also be changed whenever you want to give a different look to your place.

The functions of the shelf are as flexible as the places it adapts to: The hinges are nearly invisible. If the system stands in a room, doors and panels on the front and the backside can be added. If New Order stands near a wall, the accessories can be installed without moving the whole system. And if your demands change, New Order changes with you.

The New Order shelving system from Hay

Step-by-step development of the New Order shelving system from HAY. The wooden panels can be added at any time and without tools. The same applies to the doors, which are simply clamped into the profiles.