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Hay - New Order

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New Order: shelving system for modern times

As flexible as life itself: New Order is a modular shelving system from Hay that offers countless possibilities and leaves nothing to be desired.

People are never the same, so why should shelves be? That's what designer Stefan Diez asked himself when he created his New Order shelving system. Full flexibility was at the top of the agenda, and the result is a series of furniture that is hard to beat for changeability.

Whether on the wall or in the middle of the room, freedom begins with the choice of location. New Order elements can be placed anywhere, as panels made of wood or textile can be attached to all sides. Different types of shelves ensure that the New Order shelf can be completely adapted to personal preferences: a flat standard shelf as well as a tray with raised edges, which appropriately presents especially cherished pieces. With doors, New Order becomes a cabinet.

Thus, open or closed systems are possible, which can also be freely changed in length and height due to the modular design. The individual New Order elements are up to two meters wide. Even in this width, the shelving system from Hay can still be heavily loaded, since it does not bend as easily as many other shelves due to its aluminum construction.

The graphic, almost ascetic silhouette of the shelf by Stefan Diez ensures that the base feels at home anywhere. Different elements, materials and finishes allow it to freely complement different interior styles and architectural environments.

Hay presents countless possibilities

With its countless possibilities, Hay's New Order system is truly at home anywhere. In the office, in public areas or at home, the individual shelving system can fully convince. Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy thanks to the well thought-out design, and if necessary, the Hay shelving system can be reassembled in completely new ways.

The additions to the shelf are just as flexible as its function: the hinges are virtually invisible. When the system stands freely in the room, doors and panels can be attached equally to the front and back. When New Order is against a wall, the additions can also be attached without moving it or taking it down. And when needs and demands change, New Order simply changes too.

The New Order shelving system from Hay

Step by step assembly of the New Order shelving system by HAY. The wooden panels can be added at any time and completely without tools. The same applies to the doors, which are simply clamped into the profiles.