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Luceplan - Titania


The Italian lamps company Luceplan was founded in 1978 by Riccardo Sarfatti (son of the lighting pioneer and Arteluce founder Gino Sarfatti), Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi. Find out more here!

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Luceplan - Costanza Standard Lamp Luceplan - Constanza Floor Lamp D13 t.c., alu €430.00 *Luceplan - Costanza Standard Lamp Luceplan - Lampshade D13/1/4 for Costanza Lamp, white €73.90 *Luceplan - Costanza Standard Lamp Luceplan - Diffuser D13/91 for Costanza and Lady Costanza Lamps, white €17.90 *Luceplan - Lady Costanza Floor Lamp Luceplan - Lampshade D13E/1 for the Lady Costanza Lamp, white €161.00 *Luceplan - Accessories and Replacements for the Costanzina Lamp Luceplan - Lampshade D13pi/1/4 for the Costanzina Lamp, white €39.50 *Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp D15 d, black €455.00 *Luceplan - Fortebraccio Desk Lamp Luceplan - Fortebraccio Desk Lamp D33N.60, metal €226.00 *Luceplan - Lady Costanza Floor Lamp Luceplan - Lady Costanza Floor Lamp D13E d., aluminum (without lampshade) €1,123.00 *Luceplan - Lady Costanza Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Lady Costanza Pendant Lamp D13E sas, aluminium (without lampshade) €189.00 *Luceplan - Accessories and Replacements for the Costanzina Lamp Luceplan - Canopy set D13/25 for the Costanza, Lady Costanza and Costanzina pendant lamps, white €38.00 *Luceplan - Costanza Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Costanza Pendant Lamp D13 sa.s (without lampshade and diffuser) €168.00 *Luceplan - Costanzina Table Lamp Luceplan - Costanzina Table Lamp D13 pi., aluminium (without lampshade) €166.00 *Luceplan - Costanza Table Lamp Luceplan - Costanza Table Lamp D13, aluminium (without lamshade and diffuser) €315.00 *Luceplan - Costanza Standard Lamp Luceplan - Costanza Flooe Lamp D13 t., aluminium (without lamshade and diffuser) €328.00 *Luceplan - Titania Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Titania Pendant Lamp D17, alu €382.00 *Luceplan - Remote Control for Blow Ventilator / Ceiling Lamp Luceplan - Remote Control for Blow Fan / Wall Lamp €65.50 *Luceplan - Stochastic Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Stochastic Pendant Lamp Ø 40 cm, mirror €1,750.00 *Luceplan - Agave Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Agave Pendant Lamp D49/70 s. EL, transparent €529.00 *Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp D15 d, alu €435.00 *Luceplan - Blow Ceiling Fan / Lamp Luceplan - Blow Ventilator / Ceiling Lamp - Halogen, transparent €626.00 *Luceplan - Lola Wall Lamp Luceplan - Lola Wall Lamp D15 a.1, black €153.00 *Luceplan - Lola Wall Lamp Luceplan - Lola Wall Lamp D15 a.1, alu €153.00 *Luceplan - Aircon Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Aircon Pendant Lamp D50, orange €583.00 *Luceplan - Hope Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Hope Pendant Lamp D66/18 €1,296.00 *Luceplan - Hope Floor Lamp Luceplan - Hope Floor Lamp D66/18td €1,880.00 *Luceplan - Mix Desk Lamp Luceplan - Mix LED Desk Lamp D61, alu /white €297.00 *Luceplan - Berenice Table Lamp Luceplan - Berenice Table Lamp D12, black €317.00 *Luceplan - Berenice Floor Lamp Luceplan - Berenice D12 EL t. Floor Lamp, black €336.00 *Luceplan - Berenice Floor Lamp Luceplan - Berenice Floor Lamp D12 EL t., aluminium €336.00 *Luceplan - Supergiú Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Supergiú Pendant Lamp D59, white €292.00 *Luceplan - Pétale Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Pétale Pendant Lamp D71C, round €1,694.00 *Luceplan - Costanzina Pendant Lamp -29% Luceplan - Costanzina Pendant Lamp D13 s.pi., aluminium (without lampshade) RRP €158.00 €112.90 *Luceplan - Grande Costanza Floor Lamp  Luceplan - Grande Costanza Floor Lamp D13 G.t., dimmable, aluminium / white €1,174.00 *Luceplan - Fortebraccio Floor Lamp Luceplan - Fortebraccio floor lamp D33Nt. 100 D with foot, metal €309.00 *Luceplan - Goggle Wall Lamp Luceplan - Goggle Wall Lamp D52, iridescent €105.00 *Luceplan - Otto Watt Desk Lamp Luceplan - Otto Watt Desk Lamp D72 with base, mirror €469.00 *

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Luceplan - known for technically innovative lamps design

Luceplan was founded in 1978 by Riccardo Sarfatti (son of the lighting pioneer and Arteluce founder Gino Sarfatti), Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi. The Milan-based company initially reached recognition through high-tech designs for large-scale projects. Only throughout the 1980s did the “project lamps” become accessible to a wider audience.

Already since the beginnings of Luceplan, the architect Paolo Rizzatto and the engineer and later co-owner Alberto Meda defined the unmistakable appearance of their lamps, which unifies technical innovations, transparent construction and a characteristic shape. Examples of this are the UFO-like pendant lamp Titiana (Rizzatto, Meda 1989), whose impressive colour effect is achieved by use of an easily exchangeable and individually adaptable colour filter.

The Fortebraccio, designed by Rizzatto and Meda in 1998 for Luceplan, is just as appealing as it is the first desk lamp based on halogen and which runs without transformer.

Luceplan - architecture as source of inspiration

Since the second half of the 1990s, more and more international designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Alfredo Häberli or Francisco Gomez Paz have worked for Luceplan. Luceplan stands for interior and exterior lamps with high-quality design and affordable prices. The manufacturer has a wide range of lamps including pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. With the Constanzina, designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 1992, Luceplan again succeeded in creating a very popular table lamp that features a diffuse, pleasantly warm light and a modern, discreet appearance. Among Rizzatto's famous works there are also the Constanza and the Berenice – both of which are available as a table or floor lamp.

Light that improves quality of life and at the same time is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Luceplan philosophy –

Made in Light “Made in Light” – this is the philosophy of Luceplan. The slogan explains how geographic conceptions are overcome in today’s world.

The concept of “Made in…” is translated to the world of light, to a light-defined, imaginary room without any limits or borders. The world of light is a uniform language that is spoken all over the world and that unifies all people. The alphabet of light design, which Luceplan skillfully knows how to spell based on know how as well as competence in design and manufacturing. All this is summed up in “Luceplan – Made in Light”.

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