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Rig-Tig by Stelton

RIG-TIG by STELTON wants to be a pioneering brand of kitchenware that holistically combines both function and design. RIG-TIG is very conscious of reducing the environmental impact wherever it is feasible.

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RIG-TIG by STELTON is a new range of kitchenware that brings both function and design to the kitchen. Rig-Tig originated from the design house Stelton, but is presented as a separate brand. The Rig-Tig collection is for all those who value function and good design, while being conscious of the environment. Rig-Tigs pricing model is set up to support widespread adoption of the products.

Rig Tig by Stelton is based on three fundamental values: function, design, and resources: The idea is to combine optimal functionality with uncompromised design.
Then there is the ecological aspect, as Rig-Tig tries to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

To Rig-Tig, functionality means that objects are space-efficient and multifunctional. The Rig-Tig storage tins are a great example. All of them fit together and, no matter how you combine them, they are stackable and occupy minimal space.

Another example are the multi-tools, which all have multiple functions, saving time, space and washing up. For the design of the collection Stelton has worked together with renowned international designers such as Klaus Rath, Designit or HolmbäckNordentoft. Rig-Tig works within the Scandinavian, minimalistic design genres. Simple lines are complemented by matte colors.

Simplicity, clarity and the reduction to basic shapes create Rig-Tig’s good design. Rig-Tig also tries to reduce the negative impact on the environment wherever possible. This is achieved with the help of the materials used for the products, as well as the packaging.

This is reduced to a minimum, while the packaging that must be used is made from recycled materials. Many of the products have a simple label, others are attached to a piece of cardboard with natural twine. For the name, Stelton consulted linguistic professors and other professionals who came up with all sorts of suggestions. However, they kept on coming back to the type of products Stelton wants to market:

the RIGHT products - in Danish “RIGTIGE” - with the RIGHT design that are RIGHT for the environment and at the RIGHT prices. And so unusual name RIG-TIG was chosen.The Rig-Tig collection is divided into the areas of baking, storage, utensils, cooking, tableware and accessories. Within these themes you will find spatulas, measuring cups, mixing bowls, an orange juicer, bread box, multi-peeler, kitchen utensils, a sushi set, coasters and a coffee collector, to name just a few.

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