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More than anything in warm months of the year, the balcony becomes a desirably frontier between indoor and outdoor areas, for city-people. Find furnishing elements for a stylish design of your small outdoor area.

Balcony land – relaxation oasis

When the balcony becomes the only possibility of being outside undisturbed and private, it should at least be accordingly furnished. Selected designers have made this their duty, to develop special products that also suit smaller balconies making them stylish outdoor areas.

Summer comes unstoppably nearer and with it the desire of lying in the sun and of relaxing outside. More than anywhere, in cities, with a tight holiday till, the balcony becomes one of the most important 5 square metres between heaven and earth in the summer months. Because of few space, the balcony land residents have hardly any possibility of organizing relaxing grill evenings with friends under the free sky: the conventional BBQ-grill is too voluminous, common garden furniture from the construction market create a nerving wood out of chairs and table-legs and of boring balcony boxes, decorating also the balconies of the whole neighbourhood.

Bruce Balkongrill von Henrik Drecker

Finally also architects and product-designers have discovered this problem and tried to find solutions. At the head of this group, it is important to name the Berlin architect Michael Hilgers, who describes himself with his company as a “development helping organisation for balcony-land”. With his products, like the Steckling, the Rohrspatz or sit:up not only until now unused spaces become living expansion. The designs from Hilgers lead to dreams and seem confident, but at the same time unconventional. The flowers pot Steckling with its two separated plants compartments is an original alternative to the plastic boxes and is easily hanged at the balustrade.

Balcony Sitzgruppe von Weishäupl

Because of his diploma, also the designer Henrik Drecker that was born in Münster, thought about this space problem. The result is Bruce, the grill for the balcony. With the form, Bruce strongly reminds of a common flowers pot – only the grill grid makes us think about a possible grill. Bruce can be hanger at the balustrade or at the wall, which won’t disturb a balcony party, at least regarding the space.

But not only young, innovative designers focused on balconies. Also tradition companies, such as the German outdoor furniture manufacturer Weishäupl offer according products for few space, with for example their balcony programme Weishäupl presents a seat group that is perfectly adapted to smaller rooms because of its stackable chairs and the folding table.


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