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Balcony Furniture

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The balcony is the outdoor living room and provides the ideal space for a homely family breakfast and coffee with the neighbours. Here you can read a thrilling book in a relaxed atmosphere or simply lie in the sun. The balcony is a pleasant retreat in private surroundings. With beautiful furniture, you can design your refuge individually.

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Balcony Furniture: The Balcony Invites You to Stay

Thanks to the imagination of creative minds for outdoor furniture, the little urban retreat in the open air can be fitted in many different shapes, colours and materials. The beanbag used as balcony furniture is space-saving and a simple piece of furniture on which you can simply stretch out. There are many pieces of folding balcony furniture, such as practical, space-saving and classic folding chairs made of metal, or tables whose table top is designed to be folded in half and to stand against the wall. A particularly space-saving table is the Balcony folding table by Weishäupl, which can be folded on both sides. The shapely table made of wood with a frame of stainless steel provides much space on a small balcony. It can be folded completely if necessary and is easy to store.

But lounge furniture can also find a place on the smallest balcony, for example a round light body made of plastic, like the Lounge Variation Outdoor by Moree which also serves as a table. Lovingly designed accessories, such as colourful flower pots, translucent parasols or the pendant tray as a table substitute provide plenty of variety on your balcony, while outdoor textiles like cushions, blankets and rugs create a pleasant comfort and bring colour to your balcony.

The Right Balcony Furniture — What to Keep in Mind when Buying:

1. Planning
2. Balcony Requirements
3. Design & Style
4. Price

1. Planning: There is Space on the Smallest Balcony

The purchase of furniture for the balcony should be well planned in advance. Balconies are usually significantly smaller than terraces or gardens. That is why you should make sure in particular how much space is available on your balcony and measure it before buying furnishing. Find out the exact dimensions of your balcony furniture before purchasing. For your planning, you need the balcony furniture’s dimensions when set up as well as when folded. And make sure you have enough storage room to accommodate your balcony furniture during winter. Many balconies are narrow and long, which requires the furniture to be space-saving. A lot of space can be gained on the balcony, if the balcony furniture is foldable, for example. Depending on your balcony’s type, it can get wet from rain so you also need to make sure that your balcony furniture is weather resistant. And finally when designing your balcony you could try to spare the wooden floor by getting a matching outdoor rug — now nothing's stopping you having a balcony party.

2. Balcony Requirements

For large balconies you can use designer garden chairs with the matching tables, as well as other garden furnishings from the Collection. If the balcony furniture is to stay outside in the winter, you should choose a particularly weatherproof material, such as polyrattan, which is not only very durable, but also easy-care. Water and some washing-up liquid are fully sufficient to clean the undemanding material. To transform the balcony into a lounge, we offer balcony furniture with low seat height and a spacious seat with adjustable height and folding backrests or even a hammock. Balcony furniture with a pleasant seat height and fixed backrests at simple tables are ideally suited for dinner on the balcony.

3. Balcony Furniture with Style

Designer balcony furniture creates new worlds on just a few square metres. The many different offerings at Connox will prove it to you. Many renowned designers have put their ideas into the garden furniture and balcony furniture collections. The purist Scandinavian design is extremely comfortable; the modern furniture of French designers made of colourful metal is imaginative, classic and happy at the same time, while classic Bistro tables and the matching chairs made of metal in a retro design are extremely handy and versatile. bistro tables and bistro chairs are foldable balcony furniture items and therefore suitable also for the smallest balcony. Wooden balcony furniture is often simple and classic, very durable and guarantees cosy evenings. When buying your wooden garden furniture, always ensure that the material used for processing was hardwood such as teak and eucalyptus. These types of wood are durable and weather resistant. Balcony furniture made of plastic is characterised mainly by its easy care and comes in many shapes and colours. As balcony furniture, it is weatherproof and virtually indestructible.

4. Price: Something for Every Budget

Even when being creative, the designers haven’t lost the focus on the balcony owner’s budget. There's balcony furniture at affordable prices as well as at average prices. And of course, there are extravagant pieces that have the price of an award-winning design object, due to the particularly high-quality materials or the elaborate production.

The classic among the Bistro chairs is the Bistro folding chair by Fermob, which was designed as early as 1889 and since then, has symbolised French street cafés. It is available in many different colours. The chair and table is straightforward and quickly foldable and takes up only little space for storage.

The Balconcept by rephorm makes space even on the smallest balconies. It consists of a front table and a rear container and is simply hung over the railing of the balcony. You can place a laptop on the top and plant flowers in the rear container or it can serve as a mini-bar filled with ice cubes. Balconcept is available in two colours and is made of polyethylene.

A very nice accessory on your balcony is the Shadylace parasol by Droog. This white parasol has a floral pattern that is partly transparent. The different density of the material ensures that the light shines through like the sunlight through the leaves of a tree. This way, the parasol creates a pleasant and natural half shade. The parasol is 235cm high and made of polyester and aluminium.

A true classic of recent designs is the Buggle-up! Outdoor bean bag by Fatboy, which is suitable for the living room, but just as good for outdoor use. The beanbag can be adjusted as required with a belt, so that it has a backrest to lean against or its spacious surface can be used to take a comfortable nap as soon as the belts are loosened. Due to its material, the beanbag is weatherproof, dirt and moisture-resistant and extremely easy to clean. The beanbag made from rugged polyester is available in many bright colours.

Design Balcony Furniture from Connox — your Benefits:

Shopping Advice at Connox

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