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Höfats - Cube Fire Basket  Höfats - Cube Fire Basket €339.00 * 5 von 5Eva Solo - FireGlobe Eva Solo - FireGlobe, matt black €299.95 *Höfats - Cube Fire Basket  Höfats - Cube fire basket, rust €279.00 * 5 von 5The höfats - Beer Box Fire Basket The höfats - Beer Box Fire Basket, black €119.00 *höfats - Board for Beer Box Brazier höfats - Board for Beer Box Brazier €29.95 *Dancook - 7000 Box Grill Dancook - 7000 Box Grill €44.95 *The höfats - Triple Brazier höfats - Triple 90 Brazier €229.00 *Artepuro - Sunset Fireplace Artepuro - fireplace sunset, 80 cm, anthracite €399.00 *Esbit - Foldable BBQ300S Foldable Charcoal Grill BBQ300S by Esbit €69.95 *Eva Solo - Table Grill Eva Solo - Table grill, white €249.95 *Dancook - 9000 Barbecue and Fireplace Dancook - 9000 Barbecue and Fireplace €199.95 *Morsø - Ignis Fireplace Morsø - Ignis Fireplace, black €199.00 *The höfats - Triple Brazier The höfats - Triple 65 Brazier €119.00 *Höfats - Cone Charcoal Grill Höfats - Cone Coal Grill €699.00 *Dancook - 5100 Box Grill Dancook - 5100 Box Grill €79.95 *höfats - Ellipse Brazier höfats - Ellipse Brazier €229.00 *Morsø - Forno Grill Oven Morsø - Forno grill and oven, black €1,199.00 *Morsø - Fire Pot Morsø - Fire Pot, black €199.00 *Skagerak - Helios Fireplace Skagerak - Helios Fireplace €339.00 *Dancook - 1600 Kettle Grill Dancook - 1600 Kettle Grill €129.95 *Dancook - 1000 Kettle Grill Dancook - 1000 kettle grill €179.95 *Morsø - Grate for Ignis Fireplace Morsø - Grate for Ignis Fireplace €39.00 *Radius Design - Fireplate Radius Design - Fireplate, Ø 100 cm €299.00 *Eva Solo - Gas Grill Eva Solo - Gas Grill, anthracite Ø 59 cm €1,195.00 *Keilbach - Fuji Fireplace Keilbach Design - Fuji Fireplace €249.00 *wodtke - Wing Fire Bowl wodtke - Wing Fire Bowl L €382.00 *artepuro - hotlegs fireplace artepuro - fireplace hotlegs, massive steel Ø 67 cm €259.00 *Dancook - 1800 Kettle Grill Dancook - 1800 Kettle Grill €299.95 *Röshults - Urban Fire Basket Röshults - Urban Fire Basket, 70 €349.00 *Radius Design - Fireplate Radius Design - Grillrost for large Fireplate €249.00 *Dancook - 1300 Kettle Grill Dancook - 1300 Kettle Grill €129.95 *Deparso - Calor Firepit Bowl Deparso - Calor Firepit Bowl €199.00 *Konstantin - Slawinski - Barrow Fire Bowl with Grill Konstantin Slawinski - Barrow Fire Bowl with Grill €799.90 *Eva Solo - Charcoal Barrel Grill XL Eva Solo - Charcoal Barrel Grill XL, stainless steel €1,250.00 *Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Barbecue 11529 -10% Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Barbecue, black RRP €79.90 €72.00 *Röshults - Urban Fire Basket Röshults - Urban Fire Basket, 50 €275.00 *

Barbecues and Fireplaces by Skagerak

BBQs: With Style into the next Barbecue Season

Grilling: the most original form of food preparation, directly above ember. Probably not only because of the long tradition, but because it simply is a pleasant and tasty event, many people look forward to be able to start the barbecue season in early summer. Offer your guests an unforgettable barbecue with atmosphere - in the garden or on the balcony. Suitable for your stylish outdoor furniture you will certainly find the designer BBQ, which corresponds to your personal taste in our shop range. Take your time to browse our range of products and get inspired. Your guests will be thrilled!

Cheerful Barbecues: Outdoor BBQ & Co.

High expectations are placed on an outdoor grill. It has to be robust and provide plenty of space for the food. Whether you would like to prepare your barbecue with charcoal, or rather on a gas grill, with the products from Eva Solo you will be more than satisfied. The Gas Grill by Eva Solo is made of coated stainless steel and due to its unconventional look a nice highlight in the garden or on the balcony. The Artepuro hotlegs fire pit matches this noble designer BBQ perfectly. With stainless steel and clear lines, this design fire pit emphasizes the most beautiful places in your garden. Equally noticeable is the Fuji fireplace by keilbach in rust brown. An optional available BBQ accessory turns it quickly into an absolute eye-catcher. This way, the design fireplace ensures a beautiful surprise at your party.

Something For Every Taste

Also designed for charcoal is the 1600 Kettle Grill by Dancook. It is extremely elegant and can be used as a table grill thanks to its space-saving size. The most popular products in the Connox online shop are the high-quality products by Joe's Barbeque Smoker. You can find the smokers in different sizes and designs. They are very easy to handle and therefore very well suited for beginners. Matching your new designer BBQ you find of course numerous high-quality and visually appealing grill accessories in our shop. They include for example smoking chips and pellets, grilling tongs and spatulas, protective covers for your barbecue and much more. Check our offer for your next BBQ. We will gladly send you your perfect equipment directly to your home.

Buying a Designer BBQ Online - Your Advantages at Connox

Do You Have Further Questions About Our Barbecues or Fire Pits? Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy a fire pit or BBQ online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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