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Design barbecue and fireplace - how to find the right model

  1. Fireplaces - fire baskets, fire bowls, torches and fireplace
  2. Barbecue - electric, gas or charcoal
  3. Tips for the outdoor kitchen
  4. Dispose of charcoal and clean grill grate
  5. Conclusion

1. Fireplaces in the garden

Fireplaces in the garden promote coziness and create atmosphere. On colder evenings or in the cool season, they also provide warmth.

Design fire bowls and fire baskets for bonfires and barbecues.

Fire bowls (1) consist of a shell with a large opening to the top, which provides oxygen to the embers. Since the bowls emit a lot of heat, care should be taken to provide a fireproof and insensitive base.

As fire basket (2) are often called fireplaces that have numerous recesses that allow a good air supply, so that the fire can burn well.

However, if small pieces of embers fall out, the openings are a source of danger. Therefore, be sure to make sure that the base is fireproof and of a certain size. When you purchase a fire basket, matching metal sheets are often available that can be placed underneath to protect against falling embers.

Some manufacturers offer accessories for fire baskets or fire bowls. With an ember or grill grate, the fire pit can thus be converted into a barbecue area.

PUK - Barbecue and fireplaces

With a outdoor fireplace (3) you can enjoy the cozy fireplace atmosphere on the terrace or in the garden. Garden fireplaces are heated with gas or with wood. The smoke exhausts through an integrated chimney.

With a ethanol fireplace you get the cozy fireplace in the indoor area.
With a skewer torches (4) can be stuck into the ground. They let the outdoor area appear in cozy light on balmy summer evenings. Alternatively, there are also variants that can be placed on the table or floor similar to a wind light or table fire.

2. Grilling with electric, gas or charcoal

A grill is used to prepare food. You can decide between electric, gas or charcoal. The advantages and disadvantages are presented below.

The classic charcoal grill (1) is characterized by its special smoky aroma. This type of grilling is original and close to nature. Most charcoal grills allow indirect grilling through a lid and can also be used as a fireplace.

However, unlike electric and gas grills, the charcoal grill requires a long time to preheat.

PUK - Barbecue and fireplaces

1. höfats - Cone charcoal grill | 2. Eva Solo - FireGlobe gas grill

The advantage of the gas grill (3) is that it preheats quickly and there is no smoke or fumes. Overall, it is easy to use. Both direct and indirect grilling is possible. In addition to sausages and grilled meat, a variety of dishes can be prepared through numerous accessories.

The electric grill has a lower odor and smoke emission, which is why it can also be used on the balcony or in the apartment. In addition, there is no need to wait until the coal has glowed through and the grill temperature can be regulated.

Note that usually only gas and electric grills are allowed on the balcony. In case of doubt, however, what is stated in the house rules or the rental agreement applies.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Small table grills are the perfect companions in the summer. Often equipped with a practical handle, you can take them anywhere. Likewise, they find enough space on the balcony and at any table. Of course, the grilling surface is limited, however, there is also no excessive smoke." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Leo table grill from Berghoff in white

Discover numerous grill accessories from manufacturers such as grill grates, covers, tongs, grill gloves and much more.

3. Tips for the outdoor kitchen

The grill can not be missing in the barbecue corner or outdoor kitchen. You can choose both a gas grill and a charcoal grill. But an outdoor kitchen is more than the grill in the garden. In fact, in a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is almost everything that you would find in a kitchen in the house.

Box Gas Grill by Eva Solo

4. After the barbecue: Dispose of the charcoal and clean the grill grate

If the barbecue charcoal has cooled down, then you can dispose of the barbecue charcoal in the residual waste.
If the grill grate has cooled down, then place it in damp grass or wrap it in damp newspaper. Overnight, the moisture of the dew or paper should have loosened the first layer of dirt - a barbecue brush can then be used to brush off the dirt more easily.

5. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying barbecue and fire pans

  • Design fire bowls consist of a shell with a large opening to the top. Fire baskets have numerous cutouts. Make sure you have a fireproof base. Matching metal sheets can be placed underneath to protect against falling embers.
  • The advantage of the gas grill is that it preheats quickly, there is no smoke or fumes and it is easy to use. The charcoal grill is characterized by a special smoke aroma and can often be used as a fireplace. The electric grill has a lower odor and smoke, which is why it can be used on the balcony or in the apartment.
  • Allow the grill grate and charcoal to cool. The charcoal can then be disposed of in the residual waste, while the grate is soaked and later cleaned with a grill brush

6. Design barbecue and fireplace buy online at Connox - your advantages at a glance

7. Shopping advice at Connox

You want to buy design barbecue and fireplaces online, but need assistance? Feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We are here to help you with your purchase with advice and support, give recommendations and can quickly clarify questions. Then let us conveniently deliver your desired item directly to your home.