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Chaise Longues, Loungers

Chaise longue – French flair for your living room

Chaise longues spread a glamourous air in any room; the name alone is elegant. However, the name is French and just means lying chair. A chaise longue is a long armchair that allows you to rest your legs. Whether in the entry hallway or living room, the unusual lounge piece is an eye-catcher in any room and invites you to recline and relax.

Chaise Longues and Loungers in the Interior Design Shop – an Overview of your Benefits

The History of the Chaise Longue

The chaise longue goes back to the Roman Tricinium. Among Romans, it was common to eat meals in a reclined position. The loungers generally had cushions that made it possible to rest your arm and eat with your right hand. The original form provided enough space for three people in recline position. The lounger is on e of the oldest luxury furniture items. Today, chaise longues have a purely decorative purpose, so they are often are referred to as modern chaise longues.

Chaise Longue: What Variation suits You?

Ottomans: The original ottoman shape is a sofa-like sitting bench with a half-round backrest on both sides. Throughout history, the shape of the seat began to vary. Today’s most common form is a sofa with an oval seating area and a rounded backrest on one end. The Vitra La Chaise plays on the original shape of the popular seat as well as on the sculpture “Floating Figure” by sculptor Gaston Lachaise. The lounger excites through its incredible elegance and allows various sitting an lying positions.
Recamiers: The recamiere goes back to the chaise longue of the Roman Tricinium. However, it has a stronger cushioning intended for lying. The antique curved backrests still remind us of the Roman original.
Sofa: A sofa is a group term for all types of seating arrangements that resemble a couch/sofa. It includes all upholstered sitting options for multiple people. Sofas are more comfortable than chaise longues.

A chaise longue is a relaxing lounger and decorative piece of furniture. It has enough space and comfort to stay for short periods of time. Chaise longues bring some history to the present time without appearing out of place.

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