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Couches: How to Find the Perfect Sofa for your Living Room

The couch or sofa is an essential part of furniture in every living room. In addition to rugs, coffee tables and harmonious lighting, it contributes significantly to a room's atmosphere. Sofas differ greatly in size. On the one hand, there are XXL couches, which look more like a seating landscape. On the other hand there are smaller, cozy two-seaters.

For a long time, huge corner couches could be found in every living room, but recently the smaller two and three-seaters are finding their way back into people’s homes. From high-quality leather couches to those that are made entirely of cotton, there is a wide selection of materials and colors to choose from.

To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of things to consider when buying a couch:

1. Choosing the Right Sized Couch
2. Multifunctional Couch: How to Turn a Sofa into a Bed
3. From Leather Sofas to Cotton Couches: Considering the Materials
4. Statement Piece or Minimalist Design: A Matter of Taste
5. The Right Upholstery for Your Couch: Firm or Soft Padding?

1. Choosing the Right Sized Couch

Keep in mind that sofas differ considerably in size. Measure your space precisely before choosing your furniture. Corner couches are particularly well-suited to smaller rooms, as their bend makes the living area look larger than it is. The Soft Modular Corner Sofa by Vitra is a real eye-catcher.

If you have a lot of space, a combination of a two- and three-seater is the right choice for you. Beautiful examples can be found at Knoll with the Florence Sofa and Hay with the Hackney Couch.

The Connect Sofa by Muuto is an ideal solution for everyone. This sofa set consists of individual modules, which can be combined as desired and thus adapts perfectly to the space you have.

2. Multifunctional Couch: How to Turn a Sofa into a Bed

Think about the purpose of your couch: Will you be spending most of the time lying on it watching TV or reading a book? Or might there ever be someone staying overnight and sleeping on it?

Many people think that, when it comes to designer sofas, functionality suffers at the cost of design. But quite the opposite is the case: For most of the creative minds, the practical benefit of a piece of furniture is at the top of their list during their creative process. This allows them to create elegant couches, which fulfill more than just one purpose.

Many of the sofas can be used as sofa beds as well. The manufacturer Karup supplies some models, including the Roots Couch and the Poetry Sofa, which offer enough space for two people. But also, the earlier mentioned Soft Modular Corner Sofa by Vitra turns out to be a real all-rounder. It not only fits into any room without problems, but also offers a comfortable sleeping place for your guests.

3. From Leather Couches to Cotton Sofas: Considering the Materials

The chic furniture for your living area exists in the most different materials, all of which have their own advantages. Fabric covers are the most common. They have the advantage that they exist in a wide variety of color and haptics and fit therefore in nearly every room.

Leather is an interesting material, as it adapts to the body's warmth. Nevertheless bear in mind that leather is a natural product; leather sofas are much more in need of care than their counterparts with fabric cover. Therefore we recommend couches made of leather with more lacquer layers as those are less sensitive. The Outline Sofa by Muuto exists in leather as well as in many other fabrics and colors. Feel free to ask our support team about more information!

Even if it sounds a bit odd at first, plastic or polyethylene, if properly processed, offers exceptional seating comfort and adds a surprising effect. Those couches made of plastic are especially easy to clean, since a moistened household sponge is enough to remove stains. Furthermore they can always be used outside in your garden as they are weather-resistant. One example for those easy to clean solutions is the Tokyo-Pop Sofa by Driade.

4. Statement Piece or Minimalist Design: A Matter of Taste

Of course, the personal taste is also decisive. Do you want to make a statement with your sofa or do you prefer a more reserved design? If you like creative and extraordinary eye-catchers you will find exclusive pieces at Gufram and Vitra. With the Bocca Couch and Marshmallow Sofa you will leave anyone speechless. If you favor a more reduced design you might want to look at manufacturers such as Muuto and Hay: They have dedicated themselves to a clean Scandinavian design, which can be observed in the Rest Sofa and the Mags series.

5. The Right Upholstery for Your Couch: Firm or Soft Padding?

In the upholstery of sofas, a distinction is generally made between a firm and soft padding. The softer version invites you to relax: It gives a couch the typical sofa character. This means that you sink into it. A firm padding is ideal for business purposes, as couches with that kind of upholstery offer more support. This way you sit on them as you would on a chair. Those couches are perfectly suited to welcome guests and business partners. Therefore they serve ideally as seating possibilities in waiting rooms but also in an office.

Couches in the Design Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

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