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Herb Pots

The Herb Pot - For Culinary Delights in the Kitchen at Home

Every cuisine with a good reputation has at least one recipe for it: green sauce. The Italian salsa verde, the French sauce verte, the Spanish salsa verde or the German Grüne Soße. And the most important ingredients are of course fresh herbs: parsley, chives, rosemary, mint, basil, chervil. And many others which may be hard to get in the supermarket. And let's be honest, there are many other great recipes using fresh herbs. A great opportunity for lovers of herbs and plants is the cultivation in the own kitchen. And the shapely herb pots offered at Connox will help you succeed in growing them.

The Herb Pot in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

The Hydro Herbal Pot - A Small Self-Supporter

Herbs mean work. The right spot, daily watering - but please in the morning. You can save a lot of time for yourself with the Hydro Herbs Pot by Rosti Mepal. It has a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot, you only need to fill with water twice a week. On all other days, the plants are self-watering. They take water via the "hydro thread" made of cotton from the reservoir.

Herb Gardens - Not just for Outside

Fresh and tasteful food has become a big trend. Herbs are a part of it. But only one plant is not enough. However, we would like to decorate our herbs in a nice way, instead of placing flower pot next to flower pot like on a string. With the Herb Garden Herb Island by Royal VKB you transform your kitchen into an herb garden, without cluttering it. Particularly handy: On the side of the herb pot is a small compartment that contains a pair of herb scissors.

Tips and Tricks for the Care of Herbs:

1. The ideal location: herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano, prefer a sunny site in southern or western location. Parsley, lovage, chives and basil prefer more shade in an easterly or northerly location.
2. The right amount of water: not all herbs have the same need for water. Herbs from southern countries can do with less water than those from northern countries. But please note: All herbs are vulnerable to waterlogging! And all of this can easily lead to confusion. The herb pots by Eva solo release you from thinking about the correct dosage of water. The herbs can feed themselves from the water storage with the help of a nylon thread. The plastic pots are available in the versions with 11 and 13cm in diameter.
3. Who sows the seed, will harvest: in order to have fresh herbs, annual herbs should be sowed again after two weeks after the first sowing.

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